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How to Get an Acid Lab GTA 5 Online (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online

How to Get an Acid Lab GTA 5: One of the many options available to you in GTA V Online to help you generate money without actively doing anything is to run a business called Acid Lab. These options are available as you move through the game.

The fact that it is a terrific way to generate money in the game without the trouble of doing much contributes to the fact that the majority of players don’t mind going through the one-time difficulty required to unlock it. However, in contrast to the majority of other businesses, the Acid Lab cannot be purchased directly from the interactive menu.

How to Get to the Acid Lab in GTA Online

The vehicle that serves as the GTA Online Acid Lab is a Brickade 6×6 truck that has been modified to function as a mobile drug lab. The GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars downloadable content includes this as an essential component.

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Because you won’t be able to purchase the Acid Lab directly, conducting business in this industry is a little more difficult than in other industries.

Instead, you will be required to earn it by completing six objectives that are also known as First Dose missions. This implies that the cost of unlocking the Acid Lab will be very low when compared to the cost of other passive companies.

First Dose Missions Gta Online Walkthrough

The first part of this set of tasks is a cutscene that shows you the Fooliganz gang. Then, the gang boss will give you orders to kill members of The Lost MC and find his Journey II RV.

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Then you can get him and bring him and the car to the Freakshop in Lost Santos. After this, you can move on to the other tasks in the first dose series.

After you finish these tasks, your character will steal chemical supplies from the Humane Labs and Research Center in Blaine County.

Then you’ll be able to steal the MTL Brickade 66 by stopping a Merryweather train and putting it in the Freak Shop. If you try to steal it, you’ll have to deal with Merryweather Securities, which has guards with helicopters and SUVs.

From the Freak Shop, you’ll have to do a mission where you steal stuff in Los Santos and a short task to set things up. After that, you’ll be able to buy the Acid Lab. Talk to Mutt near the truck and pay GTA$ 750,000 to get the lab tools installed. If you pay for GTA+, this is free.

Acid Lab Bonuses

The Acid Lab works just like any other business in the game. To make sure your Acid Lab keeps making money for you quietly, you’ll need to get supplies and keep giving them to it. Even though truck upgrades also help the Acid Lab, you have to do ten Fooligan Jobs to get Equipment Upgrades for the business.

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Each item used in the Acid Lab costs GTA$60,000. If you don’t improve your gear, you have to resupply three times to get a full stock. This improvement costs GTA$250,000, but it’s a good choice.

It raises the price a full quantity can be sold for from GTA$237,500 to GTA$335,200. When you sell in public meetings, you’ll also get a bonus for having a high demand. You should think of that as an added incentive since you’ll have to deal with the possibility that other players will mess with your produce.

There is a good amount of range in sell missions. Players might not like the single drop ambush sell task. Before going into the parking lot, it helps to put sticky bombs near fake police cars.

When you put on or take off glasses, the wanted number goes down by one star. In the 5-drop mission, each spot has three places to hide money, but only one of those places is hidden from the undercover cops.


Our guide on how to acquire the Acid Lab in Grand Theft Auto V comes to a close here. It is not possible to buy it outright, thus the process of acquiring it will be different from that of acquiring other businesses in the game. Despite this, the one-time effort you put in to gain it will undoubtedly be well worth it.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of cheats you may employ in Grand Theft Auto V if you’re having trouble making progress in the game. Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online can look forward to even more content upgrades in the not-too-distant future, as promised by Rockstar Games.

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