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How to File Tdr in Irctc App: When Can We File Tdr in Irctc?

TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) is a prevalent phrase for persons commuting by trains these days. Refund requests for tickets that have been booked but not used are now simple thanks to Indian Railways’ TDR mechanism. Tickets get refunded within 60 days from the date of request.

What’s the Deal?

Passengers who desire a refund for their ticket request a TDR. This request is sent to IRCTC as a form. The request for a TDR is reviewed by IRCTC, which makes the final decision on whether or not one will be granted.

When and Why to Use the Tdr

  • TDRs can be used for any of the following reasons. However, make sure to verify your reason on IRCTC’s website under “Refund rules” at the bottom of the page for the most up-to-date information.

How to File Tdr in Irctc App

  • TDRs can be requested for several reasons.

To Give You an Idea of Why You Would Want to File a Tdr, Here Are Some Examples

  • The train was more than 3 hours late, passengers not travelled
  • Train diverted, passenger not travelled
  • Train diverted, train not contacting boarding station
  • Train diverted, train not touching destination station
  • Passenger not travelled, ticket under reservation against cancellation (RAC) after chart preparation
  • Party partially confirmed/waitlisted, all passengers not travelled
  • All confirmed passengers not travelled
  • Passenger not travelled, reservation offered in lower class
  • The passenger did not travel, coach damage
  • Train restored after cancellation due to inability to cancel
  • TDRs that require GC validation
  • Some TDR reasons require you to validate the original guard certificate (GC) supplied to you by a travelling ticket examiner (TTE) (TTE). The following are some instances of

these reasons:

  • Air conditioning (AC) failure
  • Difference of fare, correct coach not attached \sDifference of fare, passenger travelled in lower class
  • Partial confirmation of party/waitlist, no travel by guests on the waitlist
  • Party partially travelled, voyage terminated short of destination
  • Train terminated short of destination
  • If your justification for filing a TDR requires GC confirmation, file a TDR, then email the GC to the following address:


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. \s1st Floor, Internet Ticketing Centre \sIRCA Building, State Entry Road \sNew Delhi 110055
If there are any problems, these are handled by IRCTC after receiving the GC along with the TDR request.

Those who request a TDR for GCs on Google Pay will not receive an automatic follow-up from Google.

First Things First

Some TDRs require different information than others to be confirmed. It’s helpful to have this information available before submitting your request for a TDR so that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

The following items must be on hand before completing and submitting your TDR:

  • Passenger name record (PNR) number of your ticket, located in your ticket details \sGuard certificate (GC) and excess fare ticket (EFT) number, amount, and date issued by
  • the travelling ticket examiner (TTE), wherever applicable
  • How to file a TDR
  • TDRs must be used within a specific window of time. As soon as you can, submit a TDR request. Check the IRCTC website under “Refund regulations” for further information
  • on TDR deadlines.
  • To file a TDR, complete these steps:

Open the Google Pay App

  • In the Business section, tap the Trains chat head. Trains can also be found in the New section by searching for them there.
  • Select VIEW OR CANCEL to view or cancel a particular ticket for which a TDR is being requested.
  • Tap File TDR
  • Please choose one of the available explanations for submitting a TDR.
  • Tap Submit.

For Counter Tickets, How Can I Submit a Tdr?

Paper tickets should be cancelled through the PRS reservation system counter, current booking counter, or booking office counter.

  • The railway station where the ticket was purchased can be used to submit a TDS for counter tickets.
  • They will have to submit an application, a TDR filing form, and their original trip ticket with the PNR intact.
  • The Chief Claim Officer/CCM Refund Officer should be contacted with any claims or refunds that are due.
  • You can also use the postal services for filing TDR for counter tickets.
  • However, during the COVID pandemic, you can try the e-ticket cancellation process and check with the department if they would accept a TDR from the folks.

How to Use Irctc Rail Connect to Submit a Tdr

Want to know how to file a TDR using the IRCTC software that you just downloaded? Here’s how to use the IRCTC app to submit a TDR.

How to File Tdr in Irctc App

  • Launch the Google Play app.
  • Select the Trains chart heading from the Business section.
  • To file a TDR, go to the ticket’s details page and select the option to view or cancel the ticket.
  • To file a TDR, simply click the button below and follow the on-screen directions.
  • Dropdown menu options let you specify an explanation for why you’re submitting a TDR.

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  • Now click to submit your TDR request.
  • Also download the most recent version of the Train App: – Confirmtkt App

The Regulations Irctc 2021

  • The TDR filing rules are mentioned below;
  • Ticket cancellation can be targeted by a PRS counter for counter tickets.
  • Refunds can be picked up at the boarding station if you have an e-ticket. You can also collect the refund from the surrounding satellite locations.
  • Within four hours of the train departing, a TDR must be filed.

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  • If there were waiting list riders on your ticket who did not take the train with you, you can file a TDR. For this, you’d need a certificate from the IRCTC ticket checkers.

Top Reason for Submitting Tdr

If the train hasn’t stopped at your station or has taken an alternate route, you should file a TDR.

In Irctc, When May We File Tdrs?

You can submit a TDR either through the IRCTC app or the physical counters. TDRs can be submitted using a web browser as well.

What Is Eft Detail in Filing Irctc Tdr?

If you have an excess fare ticket, you have the right to request a complete refund. You can file a TDR to recover the money that the TT has requested as an overpayment. If you need to cancel a train ticket, follow these instructions from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

According to Irctc Website, Confirmed E-ticket Can Be Revoked Online to Production of Charts

  • How can I use the IRCTC website to submit a TDR? TDR denotes Ticket Deposit Receipt. It is aimed at customers who do not undertake a train journey despite having a
  • booked ticket and want to seek a refund. IRCTC, the e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, gives the ability for online submission of TDR. Passengers who have submitted a
  • TDR for a refund can now do so online, thanks to a new feature introduced by Indian Railways. According to the IRCTC website, a confirmed e-ticket can be revoked online till
  • the production of charts. After the production of charts, the user will have to file an online TDR for claiming a refund.

The TDR Procedure

According to the railroads’ guidelines, the refund is handled by the Zonal Railway in question.

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Once the refund is obtained from the concerned Zonal Railway, IRCTC transfers the amount back to the customer’s account.


According to the IRCTC, the following are the five most important things to know about the TDR regulations for electronic tickets:

How to File Tdr in Irctc App

If the train is cancelled, there is no necessity for reporting TDR. IRCTC processes the refund automatically.

If the train is more than three hours late and the passenger has not yet boarded, a TDR must be filed before the train’s scheduled departure time to get a full reimbursement.

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