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How to Delete Gpay Account Step by Step Permanently?

You might choose another payment method over Google Pay at some point. Google Pay is quite beneficial when you want to transfer and receive money and buy stuff online. That’s when you might wish to remove your Google Pay account completely to be sure that all of your personal and financial information is safe.

It’s Incredibly Simple to Delete a Google Pay Account. The Steps Are Here

Remove Your Google Pay Account

  •  On a Mac or PC, go to the Google Play homepage. Make sure you’re logged into the account you wish to close. 2. Click the “Close Account” button.
  • Second, click “Settings” in the upper right corner of this page to adjust the settings.
  • It took this photo on March 11, 2020, at 2:26:53 PM.
  • Settings are at the top of the Google Pay page. Click it. It was written by Stephanie Lin for the Business Insider, and it says:
  •  On the settings page, scroll down to the bottom and choose “Close payment profile.”

How to Delete Gpay Account

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“Close payments profile” is the button you click to do this. It was written by Stephanie Lin for the Business Insider, and it says:\sThen, at the bottom of the pop-up box, choose a reason to close the profile, then click “Continue.” When you go to the next page, click “Close payments profile” to be sure you did the proper thing. Before you delete your Google Pay account, you could also wish to erase your credit card and banking information to keep the account safe but leave it accessible for future use.

If I Want to Permanently Delete a Google Pay Account, How Can I Do That?

  • You can go to You may have to sign in.
  • You can choose Data & personalisation.
  • “Download or delete your data” is at the bottom of the page. Select “Delete a service” to remove a service from your data.
  • Remove a service. You may have to sign in.

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  • Find “Google Pay,” then click Delete.
  • Do as the screen advises you to do.

Because Google Pay Isn’t Safe

One response to this question doesn’t work for everyone. How Google Pay is utilised can make it more or less safe, so there’s no single solution. However, there are some hazards to utilising Google Pay, such as the possibility of identity theft or fraud, and the protection of personal data.

How to Delete Gpay Account

Google Pay is a basic app that is utilised by a lot of people today. There are so many things you can do with it. You can mail money, pay your bills, buy stuff online, recharge your phone, and so many other things. Use this app to pay for stuff. It’s incredibly easy to use and safe.

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There are various ways to alter or remove a bank account on Google Play. Then, before you can add a bank account to Google Pay again, you first have to remove the bank account and then add it back in.


To Learn How to Deactivate a Bank Account From Google Pay, Go Here

  • Open Google Play on your phone.
  • In the upper left, click on your photo.
  • Finally, choose a Bank account. Then choose the account you want to remove.
  • On this new page, tap on the three dots (right corner of the page)\sWhen you see the supplied option, click on “Remove account.”
  • A new pop-up will ask, “All UPI IDs related to this bank account will be erased.” You can click “Yes.”
  • It’s time to go. Click on “Next”.
  • Google Play: How to check a bank account:

How to Delete Gpay Account

  • Google Pay can be found on your phone.
  • In the top left corner, tap on your photo and then on ob Bank.
  • Tap on the account that you wish to check its balance. You will see how much money it has.
  • Make sure you click on View Balance to see your balance.
  • Enter your UPI PIN here.
  • You may learn more about how to apply for your new-born child’s Aadhaar Card by reading this:

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