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How to Choose the Right Production Tracking Tool for Your Business Needs

With the rise of remote jobs and work, business owners and managers monitor employees to ensure that the assigned work is done. Overseeing and monitoring the labor force necessitates efficient resources and support to maintain coordination and smooth running.

Managers need to find the perfect tools to keep their team in check and everyone on the same page. These metrics provide the flexibility to ensure that labor and task management changes are aligned with productivity and delivery schedules.

You’ll need to meet certain deadlines to remain productive and satisfy your clients in whatever industry you’re in. Productivity results from putting in the work to produce the wanted outcome.

Tools like Inspectorio help you achieve that easily, ensuring that things run smoothly. In the increasingly competitive world, we live in, business owners are better off seeking assistance from the different productivity tools in the market.

Understanding Productivity Monitoring Tools

Productivity and performance software provides real-time information on team productivity and how workers spend and divide their time during working hours. Often, the software analyzes productivity based on timelines for different projects or tasks by computing how much time is spent on different platforms or pages, etc.

This assists workers in managing their daily tasks for optimal results while also allowing supervisors to monitor individual performance according to daily productivity reports and app usage.

What Do They Do?

The truth is, no one sits in front of their laptop and maintains undisrupted focus for eight hours straight every day. Supervisors need to manage projects and ensure tasks are completed on time and work hours aren’t being abused. They need to make sure workers complete assigned tasks in given periods.

Knowing that they’ll be held accountable, workers can become more organized and avoid getting overwhelmed since they’ll have set deadlines when following these tools.

The various apps and software help keep you organized, boost accountability, and make communication more effective.

Since the team often can’t be in the same room, these apps help keep all team members updated.

Some of the top features that come with the apps include:

  • Collaborative spaces for task assignment
  • Tracking and updating progress on various projects
  • Efficient time management collaboration
  • Examine the amount of time spent on each step

What To Consider Before Choosing The Ideal Productivity Tools

Because productivity isn’t linear, tracking it is often a little complicated. So when choosing the ideal tools for your business, make sure to identify the tools that target the things that are important to your business.

To maintain productive workflow remotely, managers need to outsource innovative and interactive applications and software that can help them evaluate their employees.

Ideally, the chosen tools will assist in promoting quality work and optimizing the time taken to complete projects without resorting to micromanaging everyone employee. With that said, here are some of the tips to help you choose the right production tracking tools for your business:

1. Set Your Tracking Objectives

Do you want a tool that’ll boost organization and increase team productivity or one that helps you better understand how your team spends their time? Understanding your objectives and what metrics you’d like to track will be crucial in finding you the right app.

2. Be Ready To Adjust As Your Needs Evolve

Your business isn’t where it was six months ago, and it definitely won’t be in the same place a year from now. As such, exercise flexibility when you need to. Additionally, as your company grows, you’ll likely need a larger team and more projects to complete, and customers to satisfy. So, the apps or tools you’ll need might change as your objectives evolve.

3. Can Accommodate Your Situation

What challenges do your workers face? Before searching for the ideal features, you should have a thorough understanding of how the app can assist in addressing these issues. Choose a solution that meets your needs and comes with tailored features and integrations to address your needs.

4. Lets You Create Defined Outlines and Guidelines

The perfect app should let you decide on the frequency and data level you’ll want to collect. Your team must also be educated and understand how to use the tools effectively. So before introducing the software to your employees, make sure to create a dependable manual outlining all the essential details.

Benefits of Productivity Tracking Tools

When executed well, these tools and software can provide excellent advantages to the employees as much as the business owners.

Some of the pros of getting these includes:

1. Establishes Specific Goals

With unclear objectives, productivity suffers, so these tools can help workers better understand what they need to prioritize and tackle first.

2. Provides Transparency

Supervisors can keep up with workers on what tasks have been completed and how time is spent. Teams can also better collaborate in overcoming obstacles and improve overall accountability.

3. Boosts Productivity

The right tools will help monitor your team’s everyday tasks, identify bottlenecks, and develop strategies to increase productivity and efficiency. Interactive dashboards provide a visual representation of the progress made, assisting employees in increasing their daily productivity.

4. Simplify Task Prioritization

Businesses work on fixed timelines, which means completing specific tasks within given timeframes. You can manage your calendar more effectively to meet deadlines with productivity tools.

5. Offers Real-Time Status Updates

For organizations with remote employees, these apps and tools provide a platform to collaborate in real time and maintain team visibility.

6. Simplifies Collaborations With Freelancers

Most businesses charge hourly rates for projects covered, so to track productivity, businesses and freelancers can benefit from having clear ways to track and account for the time spent.


Technology has gone a long way in simplifying many processes, including business-related ones. With more companies switching to remote working, productivity tools like Inspectorio help keep track of the team and enable collaborative labor.

Not all apps and tools are built the same, so make sure you research the features to see if they fit your needs and expectations!

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