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How to Afford the Latest Smartphone

The United States has one of the largest smartphone markets in the world, with more than 285 million Americans expected to have one by 2023.

From the Samsung Galaxy S20 to the iPhone 12, some of the most popular smartphones today can cost more than your monthly rent.

However, this doesn’t stop people up and down the country from queuing all night long and handing over all their savings for their preferred tech brand’s latest model.

If this sounds all too familiar, you will be pleased to hear that there are ways to save money on the latest smartphone, and they don’t involve having to compromise on the device you want.

Keep reading to find out how you can save big on your next smartphone.

Look for coupons

If you haven’t used coupons before then you are seriously missing a trick. Imagine going into a store (or ordering online), and then, when you get to the checkout, being told you have to pay 30%, 40% or even 50% less for your items.

In a nutshell, this is what coupons do.

In terms of the latest smartphone, Best Buy coupons are your best bet as they enable you to save even more on a wide range of tech devices from all your favorite brands including Apple.

Be patient

A slightly more challenging tip for some, simply waiting a few months after a new smartphone’s release can save you a significant amount of money. Although you may want to get your hands on the latest version as soon as possible, the longer you can hold off, the more likely you are to enjoy a lower price.

If you can’t wait, be sure to compare prices online before making a purchase to ensure you have got the best possible deal.

Trade-in your old phone

If you always need to have the latest model, you are highly likely to have a fair few old smartphones gathering dust in your bedroom drawer. So why not see how much money your old phones are worth, sell them and put the cash towards your new purchase?

You can either sell your old phones yourself via social media selling sites or you can check out electronics retailers’ trade-in programs that will offer top dollar for flagship models.

Consider a contract

The cost of buying the latest smartphone outright is out of reach for most consumers, so you may want to consider signing up for a contract instead. Although you are then locked in with your chosen supplier, this way of purchasing a smartphone will allow you to be able to afford the model you want, when you want it.

Opt for a loan

One of the easiest ways to get your hands on cash fast, taking out a small personal loan is another way that you can afford to purchase the latest smartphone. You can find many lenders online and can be approved in a matter of minutes, allowing you to make your purchase with ease.

That being said, the rate you get will be dependent on your credit score and you need to make sure that you can comfortably afford the monthly repayments before signing on the dotted line.

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