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How to Access Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations: Tips & Tricks

In the last few years, the instant messaging mobile app has made its own place in people’s lives. People spend a lot of their time using them.

This is why the Facebook Messenger app is quite popular among people. Facebook has launched the secret conversion feature for its users a few days back. Under this, the messages sent on Messenger will disappear automatically after being read.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Secret

To know and use this feature, first, you need to download the Messenger app from Google Play Store/Apple Store or update the app already on the phone.

Now open the app and go to your profile. After scrolling down or going to privacy settings, you will see an option for the secret convection feature. Tap on it. If it is not on, then turn it on.

How to Set a Time Facebook Messenger Secret

After this, you have to go to the chat window of the person from whom to do a secret conversion. Now tap on the blue icon on the top right side. Here you have to tap on Go to Secret Conversation.

After this, your secret convection will begin. Here you can also choose the time when the message is deleted. For this, before typing the message, one has to tap on the Clock icon in the message box.

Can set up to one hour

You can set the time to delete the message from five seconds to24 hours according to you. After the time you set, the message made after that will be automatically deleted and no one will read it.

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