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How Strong Is Hantengu?

The demon Hantengu appears in the popular anime and manga series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” As a member of the Upper Moon Four, he is one of the series’ most powerful entities. This article will examine Hantengu’s strength relative to other characters in the series.

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Power and Abilities

Several of Hantengu’s distinctive abilities make him a formidable opponent. His primary ability is to construct clones of himself with distinct personalities and skill sets. These clones can confuse and overwhelm his adversaries, making it challenging for them to strike a decisive blow. Additionally, he can control his clones remotely, giving him a strategic advantage in battle.

In addition to his cloning ability, Hantengu possesses tremendous speed and dexterity. His ability to move so swiftly that he appears to teleport makes it difficult for his opponents to anticipate his movements. Additionally, he can levitate, which gives him an advantage in combat.

In Contrast to Other Demons

Hantengu is one of the Upper Moon Four demons, making him one of the series’ most powerful demons. However, he is not as powerful as some of the other Upper Moon Four entities.

For instance, Akaza, one of the Upper Moon Three, is regarded as one of the most powerful demons in the series. He possesses extraordinary strength and speed and is an accomplished fighter. Akaza would undoubtedly defeat Hantengu in a one-on-one confrontation.

How Strong Is Hantengu

Similarly, Gyokko, one of the Upper Moon Five, is a formidable water-controlling demon. He has the ability to produce potent water-based attacks that can easily overpower his opponents. Due to his elemental abilities, Gyokko would presumably have the upper hand in a fight against Hantengu.

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In Contrast to Demon Slayers

Hantengu is a powerful demon, but he is not unbeatable in comparison to some of the experienced demon slayers in the series. Tanjiro, the series’ principal protagonist, has defeated a number of demons, including Lower Moon Five, Rui, and Upper Moon Six, Daki. Tanjiro is a skilled combatant who can identify his opponent’s vulnerabilities and exploit them to his advantage.

Another demon slayer, Zenitsu, possesses incredible speed and agility, making him difficult to strike. Zenitsu was able to defeat Upper Moon Six, Kaigaku, despite being severely injured during their conflict.

Inosuke, the third demon slayer, is a skilled combatant renowned for his extraordinary strength and stamina. Several entities, including Lower Moon Four, Hantengu’s sibling, and Upper Moon Six, Daki, have been vanquished on his own.


Hantengu is a powerful demon whose distinctive abilities make him a formidable adversary. However, he is not as powerful as some of the other Upper Moon Four entities. Similarly, he is not unbeatable compared to some of the experienced demon slayers in the series.

Hantengu is a formidable opponent, but he is not impregnable. His weakness is his dependence on his clones, which can be destroyed if his adversaries can locate the actual Hantengu. Additionally, his overconfidence can sometimes be his undoing because he underestimates the abilities of his opponents.

Overall, Hantengu is a formidable demon that poses a grave threat to the demon slayers. However, he is not the most powerful character in the series and can be defeated with the proper strategy and ability.

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