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How Exactly Does Executive Search Works?

Executive Search is a special direct search and selection of managers, unique specialists, top personnel. Today Executive search is not limited to the selection of top managers but includes a set of activities for market research and identification of leading professionals. This method is used to select highly qualified senior personnel, managers, and specialists of a certain profile.

Why is Executive Search necessary?

  • it is necessary to search and select top managers among the best candidates in the market;
  • when looking for rare specialists;
  • when starting the start-up program;
  • if necessary, search for a manager;
  • when the market for candidates with the necessary requirements is simply exhausted.
  • if necessary, the selection of top-level personnel who can lead the company to the market leader;
  • when restructuring a company according to the western type, that is, when there is a need to make it more attractive for a western partner and investor. In this case, a careful selection of managers with experience in this area is carried out;
  • Executive Search is also carried out when the required specialist already works in a competing company but will not change jobs. In this case, the agency’s Executive Search specialists begin a thoroughly planned work coordinated with the customer to attract the specialist of interest to him.

With the help of Executive Search agencies, it is possible to effectively conduct various marketing research, organize the work of an intermediary who will represent the interests of the customer in the selection of managers, other top personnel.

But how exactly does Executive Search work?

After an agreement with the customer, the specialists begin an in-depth Executive Search. That is, you cannot do with the usual recruitment sites; you need to work directly with many candidates after preliminary acquaintance with the resume. To conduct Executive Search, a variety of methods are used, ranging from viewing resumes left for narrow professional groups to collecting information on prospective candidates. This top executive search job is done only by experienced individuals who must be very persistent under some circumstances and flexible under others. It is especially important when Executive Search is carried out with already working candidates who are not going to change their place of work. In this case, the recruiter must become an ally of the candidate, be very convincing.

In the course of work with the Executive Search agency, the client receives the following benefits:

  • the possibility of a prompt, optimal solution to the problem of finding top personnel;
  • analysis of all provided documentation;
  • work with Longlist that is, a list of all candidates who are currently working for competing companies. Executive Search recruitment agencies have the complete lists of employed candidates in which the customer may be interested, but who are not going to change jobs. The selection of leaders, in this case, can be difficult but still real;
  • working with Shortlist, i.e. with a list of candidates, including those applicants who work for competing companies but are ready to change their place. In this case, the selection of managers and top personnel is a little easier.

Only reliable Executive Search agency includes only the most experienced and best specialists and consultants, who have almost 100% closed Executive Search projects for executive search. For the client, they offer only the best and most effective solutions, while searching for managers and other specialists, they assess the situation within the customer’s company.

The search for candidates for the positions of top managers is carried out using a complex of modern methods based on the widespread use of information technologies. The technologies used in the company for analyzing the industry and identifying leading professionals have repeatedly proved their effectiveness in headhunting.


Searching for the best specialists in their field is a long and complex process, which has its own subtleties, even depending on the region. Executive search agencies perform practically impossible tasks – they recruit candidates whose attention is extremely difficult to attract by placing all kinds of advertisements and even more sophisticated measures. Recruiting agency executive search “Expert” will help to interest those people whose work is valuable at the current place of work. Such specialists are themselves carriers of business technologies, the implementation of which can ensure unprecedented success for an enterprise.

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