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How Does “Cabinet of Curiosities” Season 1 Episode 2 “Graveyard Rats” End?

Let us try to shed some light on the conclusion of the second episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, in the event that you were confused by it. For the time being, we shall discuss the remaining parts of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities; meanwhile, here is how the movie Graveyard Rats concludes.

The second segment of Guillermo del Toro’s anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities is titled Graveyard Robber. Henry Kutner was the one who penned the script, and Vincenzo Natali was the one who directed it.

Grave robber Masson is planning to take money from a wealthy visitor to the cemetery in order to satisfy his greed. But in order to obtain the money, he has to battle his way through a complex network of tunnels inhabited by hordes of rats.

What Happens in Graveyard Rats?

Masson, a destitute tomb robber, was pursuing Winston’s remains because the King had given him a highly precious sabre as a present. This sabre had been handed to Masson by Winston. When Masson was forced to follow the rats through their labyrinth of tunnels as they dragged the body away, he was only a few inches away from grabbing his prize.

After getting disoriented in the tunnel, Masson came face to face with a monstrously large rat. After biting him on the arm, the rat pursued him through the tunnel and bit him again. Masson was able to escape by dropping a considerable distance into the tunnels. When he came to, he found himself in the centre of the area where the dead rats had been removed to.

Masson was overjoyed when he discovered a number of gems among the skeletons, one of which was the priceless sabre he had been searching for. After he had taken everything, Masson discovered a statue of a monster that was strikingly similar to the beast that inhabited Lot 36. He reprimanded himself by saying, “Black Church.”

How Does "Cabinet of Curiosities" Season 1 Episode 2 "Graveyard Rats" End?

After that, Masson noticed an odd-looking dead body off to the side. It had a stunning pendant and chain around its neck at the time. However, as Masson removed items from the body, the corpse awoke and began attempting to retrieve the necklace that Masson had taken from it.

As the dead body crept after him, Masson quickly escaped into a neighbouring tunnel. When he attempted to stop the corpse from chasing him, he ran into the big rat again, and now he is caught in the middle of the two of them. The collapse of the tunnel caused by his struggle with the rat resulted in the death of the rodent and prevented the dead body from reaching him.

As soon as Masson spots a light in the tunnel above him, he makes every effort to evacuate the area as quickly as possible. Masson arrived exactly where he had begun, but this time he was confined inside of Winston’s casket rather than outside of it. Because he had nowhere else to go, the rats in the maze swarmed him and killed him. He had no other option.

After some time has passed, the two grave thieves that Masson had initially frightened away discover Winston’s grave. Because he was wearing the necklace that Masson had taken, they were able to positively identify him as Masson.

Was Everything in Masson’s Mind?

Masson had a nightmare the night before he attempted to steal anything from Winston’s grave in which a large number of rats were running around in his ceiling. The entire colony of rats dove on top of him when his ceiling collapsed, trapping him underneath. He also had the misguided belief that Hans would bury him at a depth of six feet, which is another reason why he worked so diligently to catch the rats.

At the very end, there was a fleeting moment when we feared that Masson had passed away due to a heart attack after becoming trapped inside of Winston’s coffin. However, the tomb robbers noticed that Masson’s body was covered with so many rats that it was difficult to make out any more details.

What is the Black Church?

There is not a lot of information available regarding the Black Church; nonetheless, when Masson glanced at the idol of an ancient monster, he seemed to immediately know that the idol was from the Black Church. The necklace that was found around the corpse likewise resembled the statue and was said to be cursed in such a way that whoever wore it would always want it, even after they had passed away.

Given that the idol resembles the creature from Lot 36, there is a good chance that the religion will play a larger role in subsequent episodes.

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