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How Did Wes Craven Die? What is The Cause of His Death?

How Did Wes Craven Die? Yes, we’re talking about the late film director, whose name was recently in the news because the costume designer for Scream VI paid tribute to him through the movie’s clothes.

Well, this is beside the point. We all know that Wes Craven was thought to be one of the best directors. Wes Craven has been gone for a long time now.

Still, not all of you know what the real reason is. Is he sick? Before we go any further, let’s talk briefly about some of Wes Craven’s most famous works.

Wesley Earl Craven

Wesley Earl Craven was not only a good director, but he was also a good actor. To be more specific about his favorite genre, he was best known for horror movies and shows, which he helped shape culturally.

My Soul to Take, Music of the Heart, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Deadly Friend, and Cursed are some of the best movies that Wes Craven has directed.

On the other hand, some of Wes Craven’s most famous roles include Shocker, The Fear, Scream (franchise), The Fireworks Woman, The Twilight Zone, Stark Raving Mad, and a few others. When it comes to Wes Craven’s death, the movie director died at the age of 76. Even though he was old, his fans couldn’t handle the news at first.

People began to wonder what happened to Wes Craven because he seemed to be doing well. On the other hand, some people wondered if, because of his age, he had been diagnosed with a disease. While the rest still don’t understand. If you belong to the second group and want to know how Wes Craven died, here are the facts.

What is The Cause of His Death?

Wes Craven died in 2015, which was shocking for all of us. To be more specific about the date, this sad thing happened on August 30. What happened to Wes Craven is the question. Was it all because of how old he was? No.

How Did Wes Craven Die?

When he died, Wes Craven was at his home in Los Angeles. He died because he had brain cancer, which was the main cause of his death.

At first, no one knew that the master of horror had been diagnosed with a disease that could kill him. You didn’t know it, but he died in the afternoon. Wes Craven had been sick with brain cancer for more than three years before he died.

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People’s Reactions To His Death

Well, the death of Wes Craven was a big loss for the movie business. After Wes Craven died suddenly, many actors shared heartfelt messages about him on social media as a way to honor him. Some of these were John Carpenter, Bruce Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Angela Bassett, Courteney Cox, and many more.

We don’t know what Wes Craven was going through or how bad it was. It was never talked about or brought up in public. But most of the time, we know how dangerous and life-threatening cancer can be for the person who has it.

Also, it has nothing to do with how old you are. Wes Craven, who is a horror legend, is said to have suffered on the inside, but not much was visible on the outside. Some people still don’t know that Wes Craven has died, even though it’s been a few years. It’s too bad!

Now, we may realize that Wes Craven stood out and kept doing great things even when he was sick. That showed how hard he worked and how much he loved his job.

Even though he is no longer with us, we can never forget what he did for movies, especially in the horror genre. We still love every movie Wes Craven made.

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