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How Did Lil Snupe Die? What Did His Mother Say?

How Did Lil Snupe Die

How Did Lil Snupe Die? The death of the rap star occurred several years ago, in 2013. In spite of this, there are still those who do not know what ultimately led to his untimely demise. What the heck happened? Indeed, we refer to the one whose fortunes improved after he greeted Meek Mill’s tour bus.

Who Was Lil Snupe?

Lil Snupe was a talented rapper who could handle everything from the ground up. Prior to this, he went by the name Addarren Ross. The nicest part was that you could pump iron to most of his tunes. Those are, therefore, extremely potent. In 1995, the year of his birth, he came into the world.

I bet you didn’t realize that one of Lil Snupe’s nicknames was “The Freestyle King.” Snupe’s ability to continuously rap for 60 minutes is only one example of his many skills in this area. Meant 2 Be, “I’m That Nigga Now,” “Let Me Ride Freestyle,” “Right Now,” “Run The Game,” “Come Back Freestyle,” “God Is Real,” “So Tired,” “Resurrected,” “Y’all Ain’t,” and a lot more are just a few of Lil Snupe’s finest tracks. Vote for the Lil Snupe track that consistently gets the most spins in your playlist.

How Did Lil Snupe Die?

Earlier, we established that Lil Snupe was just 18 years old. Tragically, the death occurred at the Maplewood Apartments in Winnfield, Louisiana. Lil Snupe died at about 4:00 a.m. on June 20th, 2013. It had been speculated that the rapper had met his untimely end during a game of dice.

A few days later, on June 26 to be exact, a guy called Tony Holden, 36, brought himself into the police and confessed to killing Lil Snupe. He was also accused of first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Tony fired several shots into Lil Snupe’s torso. If so, why? They had gone to a friend’s house to play a game together. The event followed a heated dispute between the players. More specifically, it was said to be NBA 2K. Both parties apparently placed a substantial financial wager.

Further research has led me to suspect he was involved in an altercation that came from actual betting on video games,” stated a high-ranking police official.

The funeral for Lil Snupe was held at the Jonesboro-Hodge High School Auditorium on June 29. It began at about 11 o’clock in the morning. In his time of mourning, Meek Mill also showed up. You may not know this, but when Lil Snupe’s father paid a visit to his gravesite last year, he took the opportunity to blast his son’s fellow rappers for not paying him enough homage.

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What Did His Mother Say?

Conversely, Lil Snupe’s mother thought he was murdered. Additionally, she offered a reasonable justification for the same. Further information about the suspect, Tony, reveals that he was a dangerous and violent individual with a criminal record.

Saddened by the news of Lil Snupe’s untimely passing, his loved ones flocked to social media to express their condolences and tributes to him. We still hold that he lives on in us through his music. Unfortunately, Lil Snupe was one of the most promising young rappers on the planet.

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