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How Did Kaneki Lose His Memories? Tokyo Ghoul’s Character Update!

How Did Kaneki Lose His Memories? Ken Kaneki is the main character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. He’s currently married to Touka Kirishima and is Ichika Kaneki’s dad. Before, he was just a typical student at Kamii University studying Japanese literature. How Did Kaneki Lose His Memories?

How Did Kaneki Lose His Memories in Tokyo Ghoul?

When Kaneki was defeated by Kishou Arima in the Owl Extermination Operation, he lost all of his memories. Kaneki’s amnesia was not the result of brain injury, as is commonly believed, but rather the result of his conscious decision to block out those events.

During their struggle, Arima pierced Kaneki’s eye with his Quinque and then his skull, causing major damage. As far as the audience was concerned, this was the main cause of Kaneki’s amnesia.

Kaneki’s mind was thrown off by the attack, but he retained some of his memories. Tokyo Ghoul: Chapter 67 alludes to this possibility. When we last saw Kaneki, he was pleading with his captors in Cochlea’s prison centre to set him free so he could save his friends.

How Did Kaneki Lose His Memories

Arima tells him that he “killed all of them,” referring to his buddies at Anteiku, which only deepens his depression. After realising he couldn’t save them, Kaneki’s mental health took a nosedive.

The death of his loved ones has already caused him enough anguish, so he tries to protect himself from more suffering by burying his true self and his memories. He refused to eat and continued to sob and scratch at his eyes.

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Because Arima knows that he won’t last long if he keeps eating only meat, she brings him books to read. Finally, Kaneki is able to relax (thanks to the books). As a result, he is now known as Haise Sasaki. Amnesia can be brought on by intense emotional strain. Memory loss in Kaneki was brought on by both brain injury and extreme emotional strain.

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How Did Kaneki Become Haise?

When Kaneki’s loss rendered him memoryless, Arima gave him the moniker Haise Sasaki, which the CCG used to their advantage.

How Did He Get the Memories Back?

Kaneki was transported back to the CCG after his loss in the Anteiku Raid, where he was treated for his blindness and forgetfulness. Kishou Arima would eventually play a role in helping him reclaim his sanity by kicking off a new chapter in his life. Taking the alias Haise Sasaki, Kaneki joined the CCG as a Ghoul Investigator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kaneki Turning Evil?

As a result of Yamori’s torment, Kaneki’s personality hardened, and he became known as the Black Reaper.

How Did Kaneki Become a Dragon?

In his Dragon Form, Kaneki transforms his body into an ever-expanding mass of flesh, teeth, and eyes that devour everything in its path after eating the whole Oggai squad and the nucleus lodged in Furuta’s body.


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