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How Did Jake Paul’s Bodyguard Died? What Happened to the Bodyguard for Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is notorious for his mischievous and eccentric behavior. On April 17, however, fans saw a different side of the online sensation. In less than two minutes, the 24-year-old defeated former Bellator MMA champion Ben Askren at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. He even shed a few tears in the ring while celebrating. And Paul elaborated on his post-fight emotions during a brief press conference.

How Did Bodyguard Jake Paul Fare? Paul on His Reaction to Askren’s Ko Being Emotional

Paul reported that he became upset after the fight because of everything he had been through recently. “I’ve had to persevere despite a great deal of adversity. Allegations. Death. The list is exhaustive,” continued Paul.

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This month, Justine Paradise, a fellow social media celebrity, accused Jake of sexual assault, alleging that he forced her to have oral sex with him in 2019. However, as Paul was coping with the accusations, he received additional discouraging news that “broke his heart.”

Who Was Shadow, Jake Paul’s Bodyguard? After Paul Bolivar Died

Paul’s personal security partner and a closest friend were Shamir Bolivar, also known as “The Shadow.” A few days ago, he passed away at the age of 46. Jake Paul posted a heartfelt message on Instagram after learning of Shadow Bolivar’s demise, pledging that he and his crew will “do our part” to preserve his legacy. “My heart hurts so much… I want to be informed that this was a nightmare when I awaken. Paul said, You were always there for me and had such a lovely soul.

What Happened to the Bodyguard for Jake Paul?

According to rumors, Shamir Bolivar, also known as Shadow, was the CEO and celebrity security guard for The Shadow Group Security. Bolivar had close working relationships with the rapper 6ix9ine, Paul, and many others during his 14 years in the industry. His colleague at the security firm Alphalion Professional Protection Services was the first to announce his death on Facebook.

How Did Jake Paul's Bodyguard Died

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Highlights: Paul on Overcoming Adversity

The death of Bolivar was one of the “weirdest and most difficult things I had to deal with,” according to Paul, who noted at the post-fight press conference that it was difficult for him to focus on the Ben Askren bout.

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According to Paul, Shadow always had faith in him and was confident he would defeat Askren in the first round, which he accomplished. “I had to exert perfect emotional control. Jake Paul stated that he had to maintain his focus and that he was still unable to comprehend Bolivar’s passing.

Who Was Bolivar Shamir?

Shamir Bolivar has served as a bodyguard for a number of well-known individuals, including the rapper 6ix9ine and the YouTuber Jake Paul. The cause of death for Shamir Bolivar, celebrity security guard, and owner of the Shadow Group.

According to his LinkedIn page, he earned a BA in Justice and Law Administration from Western Connecticut State University and an MA in Public Administration from Syracuse University.

Shamir served as a police officer for the West Palm Beach Police Department for fourteen years prior to launching his own company, The Shadow Group, in 2007. He also served as an executive protection manager for Blackwater USA.

Shamir Bolivar is Honored by Celebrities

Numerous admirers, followers, and those close to Shamir expressed their condolences on social media. French Montana and Karim Benzema were just two of the numerous renowned personalities who expressed their adoration.

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