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So, How Did Peppa Pig’s Grandpa Die?

how did grandpa pig die

If you have a child or know someone who has a child, then you are likely familiar with Peppa Pig. It is a British animation on Nick Jr. about talking animals whose surnames indicate their species.

We have Mother Pig, Father Pig, Peppa Pig, and the rest of her family, as well as Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony.

However, in some Peppa Pig fanfiction penned by internet warriors, Grandpa Pig and other characters perished in a horrific manner. People are now inquisitive about what happened to him, at least according to a variety of stories produced by grownups to destroy these animated figures.

So, How Did Peppa Pig’s Grandpa Die?

Grandpa Pig was killed by a tree at home, according to a grim fan belief. According to this theory, he was gardening one day when his tree house miraculously fell on him and killed him instantaneously. However, the idea also suggests that Grandma Pig may have imagined the deaths of other characters due to her schizophrenia.

As we all know, the Peppa Pig characters are alive and well. Even with joyful music in the backdrop, the children’s program would never depict such a death. However, if the internet is given the chance, it will come up with a variety of ways to kill favorite cartoon characters and make shows and even children’s films far darker than planned.

Fanon Wiki Has Explanations for Fictional Ways Other ‘Peppa Pig’ Characters Die

Fanon Wiki, which is maintained by the website Fandom, is devoted to allowing people to create their own storylines with existing characters from television and film. Existing Peppa Pig characters can be placed in terrible or surprising circumstances in user-created narratives. It is both fascinating and slightly frightening.

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One fan’s account of Grandpa Pig’s demise includes a full episode screenplay in which he dies and is mistakenly buried in “zombie dirt.” He then awakens from the afterlife as a zombie pig. In an entry about Peppa’s father, Daddy Pig, it is stated that he once died after consuming 106 hot dogs, but has since returned to life and is now wandering around headless.

‘Roblox’ is Also Home to ‘Peppa Pig’ Fanfiction, in a Way

Roblox is no stranger to fan-made games that pay tribute to characters such as Ronald McDonald and, yes, Peppa Pig too. Roblox Piggy is one such game that has achieved a great deal of popularity.

One user or computer player is randomly selected to be a deranged version of Peppa, who then murders the other characters with a baseball bat.

It’s also based on the smartphone and PC game Granny, in which players have a limited amount of time to leave a frightening grandmother’s house before she murders them. It is unclear whether frightening Peppa Pig fanfiction started first or whether Roblox inspired people to transform the animation into something else.

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