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How Did Apollo Creed Die?

The newest movie, Creed, is not just another boxing movie. It’s the seventh movie in the Rocky series, which began with the Oscar-winning film Rocky in 1976. Rocky was about an underdog named Rocky Balboa who challenged Apollo Creed for the title of world heavyweight champion.

But in the movie Creed, Apollo Creed is already dead, and Michael B. Jordan plays his son Adonis. Still, the movie will probably do well.

It’s part of the most famous sports movie series ever made. Three of the top five highest-grossing sports movies are already Rocky movies, and this one could open the door for a whole new series about Adonis.

But before anyone becomes too close to the persona, they must first know where he came from or find out how Apollo Creed died.

In Creed, it’s clear right away that Adonis never met his father. But Apollo wasn’t to blame for that sad turn of events. Even though Creed makes a point of saying that Apollo died in the ring, the movie never goes into detail about how this happened.

Apollo Creed’s death was terrible, it turns out. Here’s what really happened to Apollo Creed, since you won’t find it in Creed.

What Happened to Apollo Creed?

Apollo is just as important as Adrian, Paulie, and Rocky in the Rocky series. In the first movie, he beats Rocky in the fight that ends the movie to become the world heavyweight champion.

In Rocky II, Rocky and Apollo fight again, and Rocky wins. After he lost, he and Apollo became great friends, and Apollo gave up boxing.

How Did Apollo Creed Die?

In Rocky III, Rocky’s trainer Mickey has died, so Apollo steps in to train Rocky for his fight against Mr. T’s Clubber Lang.

At the end of Rocky IV, Apollo comes out of retirement to fight Ivan Drago in an exhibition match as America. Drago is the best fighter in the Soviet Union. That turns out to be a very bad idea.

Apollo is confident, but he doesn’t take the fight seriously. On the other hand, Drago is a real beast. During the fight, Creed can’t do anything to hurt Drago, and once the big Russian starts hitting, it looks like Creed can’t stop him.

Drago never stops moving, even when it’s clear that he’s in charge. At one point, he even shoves the referee out of the way. In front of his wife, Rocky, and a huge crowd of fans, he almost kills Creed with his punches.

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A Brutal Ending

It’s a pretty harsh way to end the movie, and it might be the saddest part of the whole Rocky trilogy. Rocky wants to get even with Drago, which is the main plot of the rest of Rocky IV. However, Creed’s death is still the most powerful scene in the movie.

How Did Apollo Creed Die?

In 1985, Rocky IV happened. So, Adonis was either just born or hadn’t been born yet when his father died. It should be great to see him follow in the footsteps of a father he never met.

In the teaser for the movie, fans who look closely will see that Adonis is wearing his father’s red, white, and blue trunks.

Apollo Creed died 30 years ago, but his son Adonis carries on his spirit and love of Greek mythology names. Creed should be a good match for the character and give young people hope, just like Apollo did.

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