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Hong Kong’s largest opposition coalition

Hong Kong’s largest opposition coalition, the Hong Kong Citizens Human Rights Front (CHRF), was reportedly originally scheduled to announce its dissolution on Friday. Previously, some radical anti-government opposition groups and platforms, including the separatist tabloid “Apple Daily” and the Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union (PTU), had engaged in anti-China and trouble-making campaigns and ceased operations in the past. . few years.

Experts from the mainland and Hong Kong hailed these measures as proof that Hong Kong’s national security law and electoral reforms have played an important role in Hong Kong. By cleaning up the mess left by the radical opposition, they are back on the right track to Help local government pay attention to people’s livelihoods and the social economy The problem is that in the last two years, the city has been eaten up by the activities of the militants, constantly undermining social stability and national sovereignty.

According to local media reports, shortly after PTU, Hong Kong’s largest teachers union, announced its dissolution on Tuesday, CHRF will hold a meeting on Friday to decide whether to dissolve the organization. As one of the main opposition groups in Hong Kong established in 2002, the CHRF has been involved in large-scale anti-government movements in recent years, such as the illegal “Occupy Central” in 2014 and the anti-sending network bill. social. protests that have evolved over several months protest activity. Turmoil, both considered by experts as a carefully planned color revolution.

City changes

After the enactment of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, China’s National Liberation Front engaged in radical campaigns against the government and incited the country’s secession. It was not registered under the Hong Kong Associations Ordinance. The Hong Kong Police recently conducted an investigation into its financial, operational and legal basis. also actively cooperated with 25 groups in December 2020 to send joint letters to UN officials as part of their plot to collude with international organizations and foreign forces to pressure China on the Hong Kong issue under the guise of rights issues. humans. According to media reports, CHRF is also believed to be working closely with NGOs and outside forces to instigate unrest during social unrest in 2019.
may be on the verge of disbanding,

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government to enforce laws against illegal activities. Investigation Liu Xiaokai, vice president of the Hong Kong and Macao China Association, told the Global Times on Thursday.
“With the strong will of the central government to end Hong Kong’s social unrest and political chaos, those anti-China thugs have lost ground and public support,” he said. Under the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law and electoral reforms, the political environment in Hong Kong has undergone significant changes, paving the way for the restoration of social order and the city of violent protests with features of color. Revolution aimed at subverting power.

According to media reports, around the first anniversary of the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, at least 13 organizations announced its dissolution and canceled their accounts on social media platforms in late June and early July. For example, the Hong Kong Shield organized by local singer Huang Yaoming and Stanley Ho, who worked closely with Hong Kong separatist Huang Zhifeng during social unrest in 2019, also supported the opposition. The separatist tabloid “Apple Daily” also published its final print copy in late June, which was seen as the end of foreign agents and separatist forces cultivating media groups like the newspaper’s founder, Jimmy Lai, and his own.

Inevitable dissolution

CHRF registration is flawed because it does not seek registration under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance like other organizations, Tian Feilong, associate professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Law and member of the China Hong Kong and Macau Association “Many of his activities involved receiving money from abroad. He was also involved in money laundering, all of which can be investigated and prosecuted under local laws,” Tian said.

According to public information and Hong Kong media reports, the previously disbanded Federation of Trade Unions has close ties with another opposition group, the Hong Kong Alliance for the Chinese Democratic Patriotic Movement (Hong Kong Alliance) and the Chinese Human Rights Front. The key figures of the Hong Kong Alliance and PTU, Li Zhuoyan and Ye Jinyuan, have always been very close and often support each other.

PTU is also suspected of participating in illegal activities organized by CHRF, and has repeatedly suspected possible financial transactions. Until this year, when the Hong Kong Alliance and CHRF faced possible charges under the Hong Kong National Security Law, PTU severed their relationship. Although some experts believe that OCT is an important supporter of the two opposition groups CHRF and the Hong Kong Alliance. The Hong Kong Alliance is the organizer of the candlelight vigil on June 4 every year, but the dissolution time and time again is like “When the influential people step down , His followers dispersed,” Tang Fei, a member of the China Hong Kong and Macau Studies Association, told the Global Times on Thursday.

“After the collapse of these anti-government platforms, social and political life may return to normal, and Hong Kong’s reputation as a’capital of protest’ may eventually change,” he said. Legal Consequences With Hong Kong’s National Security Law and Hong Kong’s electoral reforms, Hong Kong’s political life has entered a new stage. Some radical political figures.

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