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Home Loan Cashback Offers by Government – Cashback will come in the Bank account of those who do not take EMI exemption till November 5

Home Loan Cashback Offers

The central government has given great relief to the borrowers. It has announced a gift of Diwali to the borrowers from banks, giving relief from interest (cashback for loan moratorium) on loans up to 2 crore rupees.

Home Loan Cashback Offers

On this Diwali, the government is going to give a huge gift of 6500 crores to the debtors of the country. If you have taken a loan of up to 2 crores from some kind of financial institution then you will also get this gift. The bank or financial institution from which you have taken this loan will transfer this amount to your account by November 5, 2020.

There is no problem regarding the scheme

Indian Banking Association chairman Rajkiran Rai said that this is a very straightforward scheme. If the loan is not NPA till February 29, then all the loan holders will get the benefit of the scheme. It will not take any time in calculating, because all the work will be done with the help of software.

However, to take advantage of this, the approval of auditors will be required. Only the auditors will check the eligibility. It is believed that banks will prepare a column on their website. Here eligible borrowers will be able to keep their problems.

Interest waived on interest during the Moratorium

In fact, the central government has given great relief to the borrowers. It has announced a gift of Diwali to the borrowers from banks in a way and announced relief from interest on loans up to two crore rupees. This relief relates to the Moratorium period which was implemented from 1 March 2020 to 31 August 2020. During this period, the borrowers were given immediate relief from EMI.

The central government scheme will benefit all the borrowers, whether they have taken advantage of the six-month exemption from the installment payment or not.

The Financial Services Department issued directions of its operation after the Supreme Court directed to implement the interest relief scheme. The implementation of this scheme is expected to cost the exchequer Rs 6,500 crore.

The loan should not be NPA by February 29

The Supreme Court on October 14 directed the Center to take a quick decision on waiving interest on loans up to two crore rupees as part of the exempt plan from the payment of installments of the Reserve Bank in the wake of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The Supreme Court had said that Diwali of common people is now in the hands of the government. According to the guidelines of the Ministry, ‘the borrowers whose loan account has the sanctioned limit or the total outstanding amount does not exceed two crore rupees till February 29.

As per the eligibility conditions stated in the guidelines, it is mandatory for these accounts to be standard by 29 February. Standard accounts are called accounts that are not declared NPA.

You will get Benefit from all types of Loans

Holders of home loan, education loan, credit card dues, vehicle loan, MSME loan, consumer durable loan will get benefits under this scheme. Under the scheme, the financial institution would have to deposit the amount of difference between the Compound Interest and Simple Interest in the respective accounts to the borrowers.

The scheme states that the plan states whether the borrower has opted for the full or partial benefit of the rebate scheme from the installment payment announced by the Reserve Bank on March 27, 2020. He will be considered eligible for interest relief. The debt relief scheme will also benefit those borrowers who continue to pay regular installments.

Loans up to 40 lakh crores will come under this scope

Explain that under this scheme, banks will give cashback to eligible borrowers and the government will give that money to banks. Financial institutions have a loan outstanding of around Rs 100 lakh crore. It is believed that out of this, a loan of about 30-40 lakh crores will come under this scheme.

According to the interest rate of 8%, about 5000-6500 crores will be an interest in interest. This benefit will be given to the bank borrowers and the government to the banks.


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