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Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date: Which Members of the Cast Might Return for Season 3?

Disney presents a compelling case, supported by the happenings of the second film, for the absolute requirement of a Hocus Pocus third instalment in the franchise. A sequel to the film Hocus Pocus, which was released in 1993, has finally been produced by Disney, and it stars Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as a coven of witches known as the Sanderson Sisters.

In spite of a lacklustre start, Hocus Pocus has established itself as an essential part of Halloween programming on cable television in the decades that have followed its initial broadcast. When Hocus Pocus 2 debuts on Disney+, audiences will unavoidably have inquiries concerning the continuation of the series.

As a result of seeing the movie “Hocus Pocus,” a number of locals in Salem are unwittingly responsible for the resurrection of three witches named Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson. This time around, the eldest sister Winifred has precise thoughts of vengeance going through her head.

After discovering on their most recent modern-day mission that a spell for ultimate power requires the sacrifice of Mary and Sarah, Winifred is able to make peace with the fact that she has placed her status as the most powerful Sanderson Sister ahead of her connection with her sisters.

Release Date for Hocus Pocus III

There is currently no estimated release date for the third instalment of the Hocus Pocus film series because Disney has not yet made an official announcement on the development of Hocus Pocus 3, which means that the franchise has not yet completed its full cycle.

If the second film is a commercial success, Disney may move quickly to make a third adventure starring Emily and Mary-Kate Sanderson. This might happen if the second film does well commercially. The reason behind this is because we do not wish to have to hold out for another 29 years until the next film in the franchise is released.

According to digital spy, even if this scenario plays out, it is quite improbable that you would be able to view the third film before Halloween 2024. This is assuming, of course, that the film will be produced in the first place.

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Which Members of the Cast Might Return for Season 3?

In the event that there is a third film in the series, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy could be seen playing Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson, respectively.

Kathy Najimy has dropped hints that the three main cast members may return to their roles at some point in the future, but she has also commented, “I feel like we’re over. From this source, we have gleaned every conceivable narrative. It’s true that one should never say never, but I’m glad that we were able to try it once more. A third one is not currently in the works, as far as I am aware.

Parker disclosed that Najimy’s ideas for a third animated picture are not yet complete and are still in the planning stages. One of the Sanderson sisters, Bette Midler, is looking forward to playing the witch once again, despite the fact that she has already done so.

Hocus Pocus 3

Bette Midler, an American actress, has been quoted as saying, “If there was a third one, I would surely sign on, although I don’t know how. I have no idea what the storyline is, but Winifred, Sarah, and Mary are three of my favourite characters, and I treasure our friendship. The advantages to women are numerous. “There aren’t many girls that cause that much chaos, but we stick together through hell and high water!”

It is quite unlikely that the character of Billy Butcher, played by Doug Jones, will make a comeback now that Winnie’s curse has been lifted and she has left at the conclusion of the movie.

If there isn’t another death, any member of the cast of Hocus Pocus 2 could make a comeback. This includes Whitney Peak, who played Becca, Belissa Escobedo, who played Izzy, Lilia Buckingham, who played Cassie, Sam Richardson, and Tony Hale.

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What is Possible for Hocus Pocus 3?

After Winifred gives it back to her sisters at the end of Hocus Pocus 2, Becca is the one who now has ownership of the magical spellbook that is simply referred to as “Book.” Becca comes to the realisation that she possesses witchlike abilities on the night of her sixteenth birthday, which also happens to occur on Halloween.

Her recently acquired abilities may serve as the primary focus of Hocus Pocus 3, which takes place at a time when the Salem witchcraft community is transitioning to a new coven. In the closing sequence of “Hocus Pocus 2,” played by Hannah Waddingham, the character of the Witch Mother hovers in the background as three children make their journey home.

After the credits roll in the third instalment of the Hocus Pocus film series, it is seen that Gilbert’s magic store has been hiding a second Black Flame candle, which is necessary in order to bring back the Sanderson Sisters.

What Did the Actors Have to Say About the Release of the Third Season?

Despite the fact that Disney has not acknowledged nor denied the filming of a third instalment in the Hocus Pocus franchise, the cast and crew of Hocus Pocus 3 continue to maintain a positive attitude. In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Anne Fletcher, the director of Hocus Pocus 2, stated that she “left the door wide open for any sequel” regarding the most recent film in the series. Fletcher was referring to her statement that she “left the door wide open for any sequel.”

It would appear that Midler, Najimy, and Parker are in agreement over the production of a third Hocus Pocus film. When asked about the prospect of a third Hocus Pocus film, Bette Midler stated that she would be interested in participating, but that she did not know where the story could go from there.

When asked about her perspective on the matter, Parker responded, “Of course, I’d be thrilled to have a talk, but it also depends on what her co-stars want.” This perspective is fairly similar to this one.

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