Here’s how you can claim additional $1,400 stimulus check

Have you received $1,400 check for welcoming a new child in 2021? If yes, you could get another $1,400 check in 2022. This year, anyone with kids received a $1,400 stimulus check for each child. IRS automatically sent the checks to parents based on the information from the previous year’s tax return.

No limitation

So, basically, when parents finally claim their new dependent in 2022 for the year 2021, the IRS will calculate it as the $1,400 stimulus check. There is no limitation for this program though. If you have twins, you are entitled to get $2,800. The last year witnessed 3.6 million births in the country. Based on last year’s data, the IRS expects a similar figure this year as well. So how would one find that whether they are eligible for the $1,400 stimulus check?

Eligibility criteria

The primary thing to be eligible for this stimulus package is that one should file the taxes in 2021. The deadline for filing taxes is April 15, 2022. And who all are eligible for this program? If you are a married couple and earn up to $150,000, you are automatically eligible for this stimulus package. If you are a single taxpayer making up to $75,000, then you will qualify for the payment.

Two programs

The checks will be sent once the tax returns are processed. However, this package is different from the child tax credit payment. The child tax credit payment is an advance on the tax refund that can be claimed for dependents when filing taxes next year. The new stimulus payments are part of the American Rescue Plan signed into law by President Joe Biden in March. Most Americans received $1,400 stimulus checks earlier this year, thanks to the American Rescue Plan. With the new batch of $1,400 stimulus checks being sent, the total number of payments rose to almost 167 million. The entire stimulus package is estimated to be around $391 billion.

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