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Here are the Top 4 Insulation Mistakes You Should Avoid

air conditioning installation Jupiter

air conditioning installation Jupiter

Insulation is a key component in any home or office. It helps with sound, energy efficiency, and overall comfort throughout the year. Without proper insulation, the heat from your furnace, water heater, and hot water pipes can be lost through the walls of your home, leading to higher utility costs and increased costs to heat your home. 

Today, there are many types of insulation you can choose from. Some types are better at resisting heat transfer than others, which is an important feature when selecting insulation for your home. The best type of insulation for you will depend on the type of living space you have, personal preference, and budget.

When installing insulation in your home, here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid:

Using poor quality materials

You want to keep your insulation in top condition to continue keeping your home comfortable throughout the winter. Sadly, many people don’t realize that clean, high-quality insulation is crucial to maintaining the efficiency of their heating system. As a result, they fill their attics and basements with fiberglass insulation that is made from recycled newsprint. This is a great material for packing boxes, but it’s terrible for insulating a home because it doesn’t prevent air movement around the house.

Forgetting to air seal

What does air sealing have to do with insulating the house? A lot! Air leaks in your home are one of the biggest causes of wasted energy, not to mention drafts coming in through cracks around windows and doors. They can also lead to uncomfortable drafts and even moisture problems caused by the exfiltration of warm, moist air. Making sure homes are properly air sealed is an important part of any insulation process. It reduces energy costs, cuts down on air pollution, and helps protect against costly water damage. That’s why it’s so important.

Blocking airflow

Blocking airflow is a thing you should not do when insulating your home, as it may reduce insulation value. Blocking airflow can also damage your HVAC system. While an exterior blockage of the ductwork is a common occurrence, homeowners should take care to not block airflow inside their homes as well. Blocking airflow reduces the amount of conditioned air being delivered. The result is a rise in temperature resulting in a decrease in efficiency and an increase in operating costs. This may also lead to equipment breakdown or failure.

Not knowing where to insulate

Whether you’re looking to insulate your home or need to find additional insulation for a remodel or addition, make sure you’ve identified the areas to insulate first. Finding and prioritizing the correct areas to insulate will help you budget for your project and ensure your home is comfortable all winter long.

Invest in a new air conditioning installation Jupiter

A new air conditioning installation will help you save more energy and money at home. Replacing your old faulty unit can be more cost-effective than constantly paying for repairs. Consult your trusted local professionals regarding the best type of system to install in your home. Make the call today!

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