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Heaven Official Blessings Season 2: About Novel From Which Heaven Official Blessing Season 2 Is Derived?

People who enjoy watching anime on Netflix have had a terrific year so far in 2021, thanks to the streaming giant producing a slew of must-see series and films.

“Heaven Official Blessing,” a Chinese animated series based on Mo Xiang Tong’s book of the same name, was one of the most unforgettable titles.

People who enjoy watching anime on Netflix have had a terrific year so far in 2021, thanks to the streaming giant producing a slew of must-see series and films.

“Heaven Official Blessing,” a Chinese animated series based on Mo Xiang Tong’s book of the same name, was one of the most unforgettable titles.

Heaven Official Blessing Season 2 Introduction

Those who are enthusiastic followers of Heaven Official’s Blessing will be pleased to learn this. Contract paperwork for the second season of the anime programme has been finalised. It is expected to return sometime in the early part of 2022.
After the Chinese episode of Heaven’s Official’s Blessing concluded at the beginning of January, many people were relieved to learn that the show will be continuing on for at least one more season. In point of fact, production on the second season had already begun even before the conclusion of the first season was even made available to view on Bilibili.

Heaven Official Blessings Season 2:

When the first season came to a close, many viewers were not shocked by the amount of unique content that was available or by the show’s widespread appeal in different parts of the world. Heaven Official’s Blessing currently holds a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDB and 8.37/10 on MyAnimeList, both of which are considered to be very high marks.

We anticipate that the actors from the first season will return for the second season in the same roles. As soon as information regarding Heaven’s Official’s Blessing’s second season becomes available to the general public, this site will be updated accordingly.

Potential Release Date for Heaven Official Blessing Season 2

The release date for Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 has not yet been determined and likely won’t be known for some time. However, given the new information that filming began in January 2021, HITC believes that the anime adaptation of the show will resume airing sometime in the early years of 2022.

Heaven Official Blessings Season 2:

The only catch is that once the show has finished airing on Bilibili, it will very certainly be made available on other streaming platforms around the world. Funimation initially released the series in the spring of this year, and Netflix was the first service to begin streaming it.

This means that even if the second season of Heaven’s Official’s Blessing is released in the United States in the first quarter of 2022, it is quite unlikely that the show will be available on Funimation in April of that same year. It is possible that the next season will not be accessible on Netflix until the summer of 2022 for those of us who watch it there.

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The cast of Heaven Official Blessing Season 2

People were already looking forward to Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing soon as Season 1 ended.

  • Jiang Guangtao or Kamiya Hiroshi will play Xie Lian in the second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing.
  • Ma Zhengyang/ Fukuyama Jun as Hua Cheng.
  • Huang Ying/ Hikasa Youko as Ling Wen.

About Novel From Which Heaven Official Blessing Season 2 Is Derived

The story of Xie Lian, who was previously a human crown prince of the Kingdom of Xianle in the east and is the protagonist of the novel, is told from his point of view. At the age of seventeen, he transforms into a god via the practise of cultivation and many forms of martial arts. In the early years of his reign as god, his country is torn apart by conflict and strife, in part due of a terrifying new sickness and a protracted drought.

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By interfering in the lives of the mortals who have always loved and supported him, Xie Lian is acting in a manner that is contrary to the laws of both the heavenly realm and the workings of fate. This is done in the hopes of bringing peace to his kingdom and putting an end to the suffering that exists there.

Unfortunately, his appearance in the mortal world causes the conflicts between his people to become much more severe, and the desperation of his people ultimately results in the dramatic and unexpected downfall of both Xianle and Xie Lian. Because he is no longer the most significant religious figure in their lives, people have started destroying his shrines, temples, and sculptures, giving him the label “God of Misfortune” in the process.

Xie Lian was exiled on two separate occasions by the Emperor of the Heavenly Realm; however, he eventually returned to the heavenly realm and took a position as an official in the godhead. Because of his reputation as an odd, travelling trash collector who constantly has terrible luck, the majority of the other heavenly officials either make fun of or ignore Xie Lian. He maintains his goodness of heart and merely want to fulfil his role as a god by carrying out his duties.

After Xie Lian completes his third ascension, his first assignment will be to investigate the disappearance of a number of brides who were travelling over Mount Yujun on their way to their marriages in the mortal realm when they vanished without a trace. During the course of his inquiry, he is taken aback when he comes face to face with a ghost that resembles a young man dressed in maple-red robes, silver vambraces, black boots, and silver chains connected to each of the boots.

The first appearance of the young ghost is accompanied by a blood shower and butterflies made of silver. He is only of assistance to Xie Lian for a short period of time, during which he takes Xie Lian’s hand and guides him through Mount Yujun. Xie Lian was unable to locate the person who was responsible for the disappearances because the mountain was protected by an enchantment array. This causes the array to fail.

Heaven Official Blessings Season 2:

Heaven reveals to Xie Lian that he had an encounter with the terrifying ghost king Hua Cheng, also known as Crimson Rain Sought Flower when he has completed the task at hand. Hua Cheng is one of the Four Great Calamities, a quartet of terrifying ghost kings. According to Xie Lian, the encounter was “very weirdly charming.” [Case in point:]

In spite of the fact that Xie Lian has been cautioned to avoid Hua Cheng at all costs, the two of them continue to collide. The reason for this is that Xie Lian is becoming increasingly involved in the business of the three worlds of heaven, earth, and ghost. They get closer to one another and become more protective of one another the more time they spend hanging out together. Xie Lian is still figuring out how he feels about Hua Cheng, and Hua Cheng is becoming a more consistent part of Xie Lian’s life, but he does not yet know how long their respective histories have been tied.

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