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Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong Cause of Death!

Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong Cause of Death

The blogging world wants to know what killed Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong. Read this story to find out how she died.

Who Was Heather Armstrong?

Heather Armstrong, a well-known social media figure who went by the name “Dooce,” has died at the age of 47, according to a message on her Instagram account. In the post, her partner Pete Ashdown wrote about the news and called her by her full name and other names.

The post also had a quote and a message that told people to appreciate the people they love. Armstrong was once known as one of the most influential people in the “mommy blogging” community. She died in Utah on Tuesday.

“Heather Brooke Hamilton, also known as Heather B. Armstrong, Dooce, and the love of my life. From July 19, 1975, to May 9, 2023. It takes a lot to not break. Hold your family and friends close and show love to everyone else.”

Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong Cause of Death

Pete Ashdown, who was with Heather Armstrong at the time of her death, confirmed that she killed herself, according to a statement made to a source. The exact cause has not been found yet.

On Tuesday night, he found her at their home in Salt Lake City. Even though the government hasn’t said what caused her death, Ashdown said that she had used it again after being clean for more than 18 months.

Armstrong was one of the first people to start “mommy blogging” and was known for being honest about her battles with depression and alcoholism.

In the early 2000s, she became well-known for being honest about her life as a wife and mother on her blog, She started writing it in 2001 and often got ideas from her children’s lives.

What Happened with Dooce?

Heather Armstrong stayed honest and open about her own problems, even as she became more famous. In 2012, she told the world that she and her husband, Jon Armstrong, were getting a divorce.

They had two kids together, Leta Elise (born in 2004) and Marlo Iris (born in 2009). Armstrong was also honest about how hard it was for her to stay sober, and she talked about her road to staying sober.

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In her last blog post, she wrote, “On October 8, 2021, I celebrated six months of being sober by sitting on the floor next to my bed and feeling like a hurt animal that just wanted to be left alone to die.”

“There was no one in my life who could understand how important this win was to me, even though it was full of tears and sobs so loud I thought my body would break in two at one point. I was hit by waves of pain from my sadness. I had trouble breathing for a few hours.”

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