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Happy Mothers Day 2020: Mother’s Day started in this way

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the second week of Sunday in May. There is no single day for the mother, it is a different matter that the name of the mother has been fixed on a particular day. This year, this special day is being celebrated on 10 May ie today. One should spend this special day with the mother who takes care of all her problems aside and takes care of all the happiness of the children. Mother’s Day gives people a chance to express their feelings.

But in many countries, this special day is also celebrated on different dates. Today we will tell you through this article how this special day started?

This is how Mother’s Day started
There are many beliefs about Mother’s Day. Some believe that this special day of Mother’s Day originated in America. In Virginia, a woman named Ana Jarvis started Mother’s Day. Ana is said to have loved her mother very much and was very inspired by them. He never married and started his special day to show respect to his mother after her death. People of the Christian community consider this day as the day of the Virgin Mary. Mothering Sunday is also celebrated in Europe and Britain.

There is another story related to this, according to which Mother’s Day originated in Greece. The people of Greece respect their mother very much. Therefore, he used to worship them on this day. According to beliefs, Sybesse was the mother of the Greek gods and was worshiped by Mother’s Day.

The mother’s contribution to everyone’s life is incomparable. Then, even if she has to balance the office and home, the mother has never turned away from her responsibilities.

On May 9, 1914, American President Woodrow Wilson passed a law. The law stated that Mother’s Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Since then, this special day has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May in many countries including India. So on this special occasion of Mother’s Day, spend time with your mother, do all that you are unable to do due to being busy and please the mother by giving special gifts.

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