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Why the Hannibal Season 4 Needs to Return? Latest Update!

 Hannibal Season 4 From its premiere in 2013 to its last season in 2015, Hannibal received mostly positive reviews from critics. The sophisticated plot, beautiful imagery, and polished presentation earned widespread acclaim. Because of this, hearing that the show had been cancelled after Season 3 was a big surprise. Fans of the show, however, have refused to give up faith in Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter’s plot, and have instead been demanding a fourth season or perhaps a revival series ever since.

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Hannibal Season 4 Expected Plot

The third season ends with Will being attacked by Dolarhyde before he has a chance to process anything. And then Will yanks Lecter and Dolarhyde over the edge. When the credits roll, we see the same sumptuous table with the same “three” chairs.

It could be an indication that all three of them are planning to return. If the fourth season picks off right where the third left off, we might get to see Graham and Lecter’s exquisite love-hate relationship all over again.

If Fuller is successful in acquiring the rights to “The Silence of the Lambs,” that film might perhaps make an appearance in the upcoming season.

Further, Fuller has admitted that he has to read more of the third book in order to develop a solid plot that would work for the next season.

However, there are specific requirements. As season three concludes with Alana Bloom on the run, there is the intriguing question of what will become of her.

Additionally, Frederick Chilton could meet the same terrible end as virtually every other character in the series.

The question is whether or not he will live. Be prepared to watch the upcoming season with all your heart because we can guarantee that there will be more blood, thrills, and psychic drama than ever before.

Why the Hannibal Season 4 Needs to Return

There are over 200,000 ratings for Hannibal on IMDb, and the show has an average of 8.5. Originally planned as a 7-part series, Hannibal, widely considered the best horror-thriller show of its time, began as a prequel (later cut down to six). Fans of Hannibal were only given half of what they wanted before the show was cancelled.

Hannibal Season 4

There’s still a lot to learn about in this perverse universe. There’s a vastly expanded cast of people to get to know. A potential fourth (and potentially last) season might wrap up everything that has happened so far and leave the opportunity for something new. To the point where we’d watch a series based on a subset of the characters. A show that goes back in time to explore Jack Crawford’s origin tale could be a good idea. A spinoff following Miriam Lass as she attempts to find her way in this gloomy world, perhaps?

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Awards & Recognition

About 16 awards have been submitted for Hannibal, with each nomination covering at least three categories. The ones that deserve special notes are listed below.

It was up for five IGN Awards in 2014, including best actor, best villain, best new TV series, and more.

It triumphed as the best horror show on television. Crazy Mikkelsen won the Saturn Award for Best Actor in Television.

We took home the trophy for Best Drama Series at the Ewwys. In 2015, we also took home IGN’s Best TV Series, Best TV Horror Series, and Best Villain in Television Series honours.

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During the 2015 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, Gillian Anderson was named the year’s best supporting actress. In 2016, she repeated her success from the previous year, also in the same category as Richard Armitage’s win.

The most recent was a Saturn Award for Best Television DVD Release in 2017. Vulture, Slant, Filmmaker Magazine, Houston Chronicle, IndieWire, Vox, Digital Spy, HitFix, TV Guide,, Pop Matters, and many other publications consistently ranked this show in their top 10.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! There is a major spoiler I need to bring up. That wraps up everything that happened in the third-season finale.

After a slow-motion fight, Will, Lecter, and Francis are all covered in blood.

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They haven’t fought anything like this before. The fight was so vicious and heartless that neither of them can simply walk away.

They are helpless and unable to even stand. Rather than an ending, I would interpret that as a statement about the closeness of their relationship.

Since the film “The Silence of the Lambs” still features some of these characters, Fuller is eager to develop their stories further in the upcoming season.

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