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Hallway App : Price and Is It Worth?

Hallway helps distant teams bond by publishing short video break rooms in your team channels and DMs. Get your team taking breaks and communicating, even while remote with low-effort regular breaks. Use it in company or conference Slack workspaces.

Working from home and missing those chance encounters with coworkers in the hallway or office kitchen?

The hallway may be the solution for you! It combats workplace loneliness and will keep your staff motivated and connected.

  • Set up spontaneous breaks that occur randomly a set number of times a day \s- Set up scheduled breaks at specific times
  • Create a break room on-demand by typing /hallway break to randomly pair individuals together 1:1 for a short, impromptu break
  • Customize working hours, days of the week, break length and more
  • Get weekly analytics data so that you know how much your staff are engaged with each other
  • Join over 800 teams using Hallway at businesses like IBM, Gojek, Coursera, Nextdoor and Pivotal. Featured in TechCrunch and the WSJ

Hallway App

Install Hallway from our website with one click and add it to your team or special interest group channels. It’s free to start.

Doughnuts vs. Hallways

In the hallway, the emphasis is on casual, unplanned interaction. It’s a set-it-and-forget experience that doesn’t require a tonne of work to manage yet gets results. Bring some spontaneity back to your squad!

How Do You Define “Clubhouse”? (& How to Use It)

It’s no secret that Clubhouse is the hottest new app in town, but is it worth it? The invite-only networking tool allows users to build or join audio-only “rooms,” with nearly no topic off-limits. The clubhouse provides a unique platform for brand ambassadors and artists to share their expertise, network with like-minded individuals, and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

Clubhouse Is the Trendy New App on Everyone’s Radar – but Is It Worth the Hype?

Users can build or join audio-only “rooms” on the invite-only networking platform, where nearly no topic is off-limits.
For brand ambassadors and artists, Clubhouse offers a new area for thought leadership, networking with relevant audiences, and industry insights.

What Is the Clubhouse App All About, You Might Be Asking Yourself?

While Twitter’s claim to fame is text, and Instagram has a monopoly on imagery and video, Clubhouse’s hook is audio. Yes, you heard that right.

Hallway App

An interactive, voice-based platform, Clubhouse enables users to participate in real-time conversations taking place in specific rooms. You may think of it as tuning into a TED talk or podcast — but with the chance to step in and discuss. It was Paul Davison’s and Rohan Seth’s vision to create Clubhouse, a place where people could gather and converse rather than post status updates and other types of content.

At the moment, Clubhouse is in “beta testing mode” which means you’ll need to get an invite from an existing user before gaining access.

Hallway Develops a ‘virtual Break Room’ for Remote Workers Using Scheduled Video Chats

The coronavirus outbreak has caused millions of U.S. employees to work from home – many for the first time. But remote work can be lonely and isolating, as people feel separated from their team and co-workers owing to the lack of face-to-face talk. That’s where the new firm, Hallway, seeks to help. The service re-creates the break-room experience and the serendipity of accidental hallway talks with its new app geared at Slack users.

The programme allows firms to organise 10-minute video talks within Slack channels, where colleagues can check-up with one another outside of more official web meetings. A former Google product manager who worked on Google Chat and Google Go and a former Insight Partners partner co-founded the company with Parthi Loganathan and Kunal Jasty.

The two were previously working on a product called Across that would allow teams to give customer care in shared Slack channels. Things changed fast in San Francisco, however, when the shelter-in-place order was implemented. “It caused a lot of organisations who were unprepared for remote work to go remote overnight,” Loganathan explains. As he worked from home, his roommate lamented how lonely it was without the companionship of his coworkers.

“Hallway looked like an easy and enjoyable way to tackle that challenge, so we developed it in a couple of days,” Loganathan explains.

How to Use Clubhouse App: Use Cases for Business Owners and Marketers

While social media platforms come and go and there are celebrities and tech titans on other platforms, Clubhouse is exhibiting all the hallmarks of turning social media marketing as we know it on its head. Here are a few reasons why Clubhouse may be the next significant social media platform:

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It allows you to interact and network with people from a variety of backgrounds and professions outside of your own. Other platforms’ echo chambers will be replaced by rooms where individuals may have spontaneous, real-time conversations about a variety of topics instead of the usual social media algorithms. High-value dialogues are prioritised over the production of the material.
Clubhouse users are already passionately devoted and protective, so much so that they’ve been quite selective about who they ask to join the app with them.

How to Download and Use the Hallway Chat App?

Are you bored of working from home? Do you long for the camaraderie of the group? During the epidemic, remote working for extended periods has led to the introduction of apps like Hallway chat.

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Hallway chat may be simply added to Slack and also be requested for Microsoft teams. Hallway chat is free with Slack.

Pricing in the Lobby

Hallway chat is a free service when used for just two slack channels. Only ten timed video chats are possible when utilising the free service.

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For scaled usage, the service needs to be upgraded. You can choose from two different price points at Hallway.


The Team pricing plan is available for $30 per month. In addition to allowing longer discussions, it provides timed recurrent video breaks.

Hallway App

There is also a free seven-day trial period available. In addition, Hallway provides access to an unlimited number of video chat rooms via Zoom or Google Meet. Besides this, it also allows chat scheduling, defining working hours, and creating weekly analytics data. For adding extra channel members, $2 per month has to be expended.

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