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GTA 6 Release Date Rumors, News, Speculation and More Information!

GTA 6 Leak Release Date: This is good news for all the people who used to play GTA Vice City and now play GTA 5. Now, everyone who wants a new experience with this game can try to get GTA 6, which is an updated version of the game.

After hearing about the GTA 6 Release Date, everyone is now excited to play the new GTA 6 on their computer, which will offer new graphics, new characters, the chance to buy a new car, and much more.

After the success of GTA 5’s 10th anniversary, the creator is now announcing the GTA 6 Release Date, and you’ll soon be able to play as a new character. Check out the list below for more information.

GTA 6 Leak Release Date

Rockstar Games has not yet said when GTA 6 will come out. Even so, Internet detectives have made some reasonable guesses. Multiple sources have confirmed a rumor that GTA 6 will come out in 2025.

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This was part of a bigger information drop that said Grand Theft Auto 6 would be set in modern-day Vice City. It’s always best to be careful with these kinds of rumors, but since new GTA 6 leaks confirm that the game will take place in a modern Vice City, maybe a release date in 2025 is about right.

Gta 6 Release Date

But there are rumors that GTA 6 might come out in 2024. At first, a Bloomberg story said that “current and former Rockstar employees believe GTA 6 is still at least two years away from release, suggesting a 2024 launch.”

Microsoft’s latest response to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into its Blizzard purchase showed this.

Since February 2022, GTA 6 release rumors have circulated. However, the game’s makers haven’t announced a release date or time. It wasn’t done. You’ll have to wait for a fresh GTA 6 Vice Silly gaming try shortly. You can acquire everything from the new game.

GTA 6 Release Date – Leak News

The company that makes Grand Theft Auto has stated that they are working on GTA 5, which will come after the Community Update. Now, everyone who plays GTA 5 can’t wait for the GTA 6 release date to try out the new features and images.

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There are also rumors that characters and images from GTA 6 have been leaked, which has led to more than 90 videos and screenshots going viral on different sites. Rockstar knows about the

hack and has confirmed it. They are now working to remove the information that was leaked from the Internet.

This first look at Grand Theft Auto 6 has, of course, shown us some new things about the game, such as places, characters, and how to play.

So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about GTA 6 so far. When Grand Theft Auto 6 came out, the creator said that the new platform was coming soon and that GTA 6 couldn’t move into the future without users’ help.

GTA 6 Characters & Map

The person who made Grand Theft Auto 6 says there will be both male and female models. It has been said for a long time that the main character in GTA 6 would be a woman.

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Now that this prototype has been leaked, it has been revealed that the male character Jason will return in GTA 6 as a female character named Lucia. Leaked vids show them robbing a diner together and running other heists with the help of AI.

Gta 6 Release Date

In the recently released GTA 6 footage, we got a good look at the game’s main character and met two new ones. We can also guess that GTA 6’s map will be different from GTA 5’s and that it will cover a larger area with more unique things.

In the movie that got out, we can see how the towns are marked on the new GTA 6 map. In GTA Vice City 6, we do show all over the place. As of right now, GTA 6 takes place in Miami, the South Everglades, and the Florida Keys.

GTA 6 Trailer Watch Online

There is no indication that Rockstar will release the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer soon.  It is unclear when the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will be published. Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date is unknown, however, leaked footage has been released on several platforms.

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Thus, to stay updated, you must wait and check the official website. Grand Theft Auto 6 will be far better than GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 6 will have new characters, graphics, and maps.

After Jason and Lucia are on your radar, the Five Star ‘Wanted’ system is returning, and the Ventura County Police Department has enhanced its AI methods to help find them.

If you want more information on GTA 6’s release date, stay attentive to this site and learn about all the changes. GTA 6 will be released soon, and this website will be updated with developer updates.


As gamers continue to wait for official news from Rockstar Games about when GTA 6 will come out, it’s important to be careful when dealing with leaks.

Even though leaks can be interesting and make people excited, they should be treated as unreliable until they are proven otherwise.

The best way to get accurate information about the game’s development and final release is to follow reputable gaming news sites and official Rockstar Games channels.

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