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What Does GRWM Mean On Tiktok?

As soon as you got used to one social networking site, it seemed like everyone moved on to the next one.

And every time a new app comes out, there are a bunch of new slang phrases and acronyms that are never fully explained. We have to figure out what they mean by looking at the context.

This is the case with GRWM, an Internet acronym that has become popular in recent months.

What Does GRWM Stand for?

“Get ready with me” is what “GRWM” stands for. It usually refers to content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram that shows the vlogger getting ready and lets the audience watch.

Beginnings of GRWM

YouTube stars were the first to make GRWM popular. Even though TikTokers might not know what GRWM stands for, GRWM videos have been on YouTube for years.

Some of the most popular vloggers on YouTube, like Casey Neistat, Lilly Singh, and iJustine, have made videos in the GRWM style over the years, but they haven’t always called them that.

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Now that TikTok and Instagram Reels have added longer-form videos, GRWM videos are also popular on those platforms.

How is GRWM used on social media sites like TikTok, YouTube, and others?

Most of the time, the term will be in the video’s title or caption, as well as being hashtagged.

For example, the most popular GRWM video on YouTube is called “GRWM: Get Ready With Jahnvi Kapoor | Brunch Makeup Look” and shows how the actress gets ready for a brunch party.

On TikTok, the same video would be tagged with #GRWMhomecoming so that it would show up when people look for that topic.

There Are Several Distinct Categories of GRWM Videos.

As the style of GRWM videos has grown, so has the idea of what GRWM is.

Some GRWM videos are simple, with the creator just talking about what they do in the morning and showing the things they use.

Influencers often use this type of video to review products, but vloggers who don’t usually post this kind of content have also used it when they were asked in the comments about their different routines.

Some GRWM movies are one-offs, like when the creator gets ready for a wedding or packs for a trip.

People often call these videos “chit chat” or “chatty” because the vlogger is more interested in telling a story or answering questions than in getting dressed.

For example, YouTube vlogger Bailey Sarian is known for putting up GRWM makeup tutorials along with stories about serial killers.

A GRWM video is a social media video that shows the creator’s daily routine.

How Did GRWM Videos Grow in Popularity?

What does the GRWM stand for on YouTube? What does the TikTok phrase “GRWM” mean? Even though the GRWM video might look new on TikTok, it has been on YouTube for a long time.

People like to watch their favorite vlogger’s GRWM video. The YouTuber will talk to her or his audience at the same time. The audience can respond in the comments section to interact with the vlogger or influencer.

GRWM videos can be a great way for influencers to add products to their videos in a way that doesn’t seem forced. They can show viewers specific techniques that they might use every day.

With this type of video, vloggers can show sponsored products from more than one brand at the same time.

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