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Grand Theft Auto Protagonist Tier List: From Best to Worst


Grand Theft Auto Protagonist Tier List: Fans were first drawn to the Grand Theft Auto series because of its open worlds that felt real and gave players a lot of chances to create chaos in them. But as the IP grew, a lot more work went into the stories that happened in these worlds, and the main characters of each game did a good job of reflecting this.

Some of the most remembered characters in video games over the years have been the main characters in Grand Theft Auto. The series has produced a lot of famous figures.

There are now more complex, deep, and even frequent main characters in Grand Theft Auto than there used to be. Fans often get into heated arguments about which main characters are the best.

S-Tier: Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, and Trevor Phillips

There are a lot of great lead characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, but Trevor Phillips is one of the best. Trevor stole a lot of the spotlight from GTA 5’s brave choice of three main characters. His horribly unpredictable behavior and strange sense of right and wrong led to some of the most memorable moments in the whole series.

Trevor was one of the most famous main characters in GTA history because he perfectly captured the world of GTA 5 and Los Santos with his mix of horrible violence and funny antics.

Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 4 did a great job with its main character, Niko Bellic, who showed how hard life can be in the criminal underworld.

Grand Theft Auto Protagonist Tier List

The player goes through the filth of Liberty City at the same speed as Niko, since the game starts with the character moving to the city. Niko told an unusually touching story in the otherwise strange world of Grand Theft Auto. He was scarred by his experiences in the Yugoslavian War and wanted to protect his family and friends.

Many long-time GTA fans have a soft spot in their hearts for Carl Johnson, the unforgettable lead character of 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Just like Niko, Carl does what he does to protect the people he cares about. Loyalty is one of the key themes of the game.

CJ always has skills that are way above his station in life, and his calm exterior hides a strong desire to get ahead in life and make a name for himself.

Tier A: Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Tommy Vercetti

Many people think that Michael De Santa is the most important character in GTA 5’s story. Trevor and Franklin are only important to the story because they are connected to Michael. While living the high life of “witness protection,” Michael has very little control over his life or family because he is a career criminal.

This can make him seem like a very weak character. That being said, Michael’s flaws hide a very strong and caring person, which makes him a very interesting main character overall.

As a major character, Franklin Clinton is also unforgettable, and his story is a lot like CJ’s. Like CJ, Franklin used the skills he had to get out of being poor. He did this by using Michael as a key link and mentor to help him improve his life in any way possible.

Franklin is more mature and emotionally intelligent than the game’s other two main characters for a lot of the story, which is what makes him a likable and important major character.

Tommy Vercetti wrote the story for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which came out in 2002. The story is about quickly rising through a neon crime underworld that was based in Miami in the 1980s. Tommy is the main character, and he is very confident and funny.

The late Ray Liotta did a great job as Tommy’s voice actor. This also made Tommy the first main character in Grand Theft Auto to have a voice actress, which gave him a lot of swagger.

B-Tier: Claude

Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first game in the series to use a third-person view in 3D, which made the player feel more connected to the main character for future games in the series.

Although GTA 3 could have used this to its advantage, it didn’t, as the game’s main character, Claude, has no voice at all. A big part of Claude’s draw comes from how mysterious he is.

He has become a cult favorite among some GTA fans, but his lack of personality makes him less interesting than many other Grand Theft Auto main characters.

C-Tier: Claude Speed, GTA 1’s Protagonist

Surprisingly, Grand Theft Auto 2 also had a silent main character called Claude. His full name was Claude Speed. Many fans think that this game’s main character is the same Claude from GTA 3, but games released before GTA 3 are now thought to be set in a different GTA world.

From a standard top-down 2D view, players control the silent Claude Speed. This makes it hard to form any kind of connection with the main character, which puts him near the bottom of the rankings.

The first Grand Theft Auto also fell into these same problems, which was almost expected when it came out. Fans of GTA 1 could choose between different protagonist names, but this only changed how the main character’s sprite looked in-game. This made the original game the least popular of the series’ many protagonists.

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