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Is It Worth Watching the Famous Teen Drama Gossip Girl Reboot?

The launch of the show Gossip Girl Reboot proved to be good news for Upper East Siders. A spin-off of the hit show of the 2000s has launched on HBO Max with 10-hour long episodes. In the generation of social media influencers, this was the proper time to revive the show once again.

To all the fans out there, here is everything you need to know about the reboot of Gossip Girl.

Joshua Safran is the developer of the teen drama streaming TV series. It is the extension of a standalone sequel of the same name.

Kristen Bell is the narrator of the story.

Gossip Girl Reboot

Ashley Wigfield and Billy Redner are the producers of the American show.

What Is The Plotline of the Series Gossip Girl Reboot?

The series is the revival of the original show of the same name that started back in 2007. The whole plot of the series has not been revealed yet, but based on the limited information, here is what we got.

After the stoppage of the original series, that is, after eight years, a new generation of the New York private school teens are introduced under the surveillance of Gossip Girl. The series will display the changes that occurred in the city and social media all over the intervening years. The landscape of New York has changed itself.

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It displays a new look at the particular society living in changed New York. This concept shows that society keeps on changing with time constantly. According to the developer, Joshua, the changes can be easily observed just after refreshing the series. The effect of social media has changed society very much. He also mentioned that the show is set in the same world where the previous characters existed and the reference points are also clearly seen. However, the stars working on the characters are different from various points of view. It will also feature more adult content than before and will be more diverse.

The Release Date: When Was The Series Gossip Girl Reboot Got Released Over The Original Network?

Gossip Girl Reboot

Gossip Giel got released on 8th July 2021 on HBO Max. The first six episodes of the series got aired weekly. The next slot of six episodes is set to air this November. In June, it was announced that The CW will broadcast the first episode on 9th July after its premiere.

Gossip Girl also got released in Belgium on 9th July 2021.

What Is The Name of the Characters Involved In The Series Gossip Girl Reboot?

  • Julien Calloway, played by Jordan Alexander, is the best friend of Audrey, Luna, and Monet. She is the ex-girlfriend of Obie, who recently got united with her younger maternal half-sister named Zoya. She is a fashion influencer, it-girl, and queen bee at Constance Billard.
  • Zoya Lott, played by Whitney Peak, is the morally upstanding maternal younger half-sister of Julien. She is a scholarship freshman at Constance Billard who later forms a relationship with Obie.
  • Kate Keller, played by Tavi Gevinson, is an English teacher at Constance Billard. She is tired of being bullied by Monet and Luna. She is also the leader of a ring of teachers named Gossip Girl.
  • Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV, played by Eli Brown, is an amazingly rich well-wisher and do-gooder. However, he feels guilty about being rich and is the best friend of Aki. He is the ex-boyfriend of Julien, who later comes into a relationship with Zoya.
  • Max Wolfe, played by Thomas Doherty, is a pansexual and is too good at flirting. He has his interests in Aki, Audrey, and Rafa.
  • Audrey Hope, played by Emily Alyn Lind, is the best friend of Julien and girlfriend of Aki. She is a dismissive teenager who is interested in Max.
  • Akeno “Aki” Menzies, played by Evan Mock, is the best friend of Obie and the bisexual boyfriend of Audrey. He is also interested in Max.
  • Nicholas “Nick” Lott, played by Johnathan Fernandez, is Zoya’s caring father. He is a lawyer by profession.
  • Jordan Glassberg, played by Adam Chanler-Berat, is a computer-science teacher at Constance Billard. He is a helper in running the account of Gossip Girl.
  • Luna La, played by Zion Moreno, is a transgender stylist. He is the best friend of Monet and Julien, who is always involved in scheming.
  • Monet De Haan, played by Savannah Lee Smith, is a powerful lesbian who is the best friend of Julien and Luna. She also serves as the social media manager of Julien.
  • Rafa Caparros, played by Jason Gotay, is a classics teacher at Constance Billard.

What Are The Ratings of the Series Gossip Girl Reboot?

Gossip Girl Reboot has received a satisfactory average rating from the audience and critics. The critical consensus of the website mentions that Gossip Girl is ambitious but lacks the power. It lacks aim in a sumptuous sea.

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Gossip Girl has received a score of 36% on the Average Tomatometer. The average audience score is 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gossip Girl Reboot has received a rating of 5.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series Gossip Girl Reboot?

The series is only available on HBO Max, that too in only some regions. For other regions, VPN is the only option left. There is no confirmation given to us that when the series will be made available in Asia. We can expect that Amazon Prime may take the right to feature the series. However, the timeline for the drop of the series is still unknown.


On one hand, the revival of the show was good news, whereas, on the other hand, its unavailability in many regions was bad news. People were eagerly waiting for it to launch, but it is unavailable in Asia, which is disturbing a lot of people. At such time, VPN can be used.

It is not a matter of fact that how you watch the series, but you are enjoying it, that matters.

So, keep enjoying the series Gossip Girl!

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