GogoPDF: The Website Where You Can Convert PDF to PDF/A

If you’re having trouble converting your PDF to a PDFA, you should look into GogoPDF’s online platform. If you do, be confident in your ability to learn new things; you will not be sorry if you try, and you may even discover new ways to manage your PDF files. GogoPDF became one of the most popular internet-active websites because of its tools and features. These can be used to modify your PDF file to achieve a lower workload and a greater productivity rating at work, school, company, and other places.

One of the features they are most proud of is the procedure’s quickness and precision. A simple conversion process of PDF to PDF/A can be completed in a matter of minutes. Another factor is the security and safety of their services, which makes you feel at ease when using them. In this article, we’ll go through how you can use their platform.

About PDF to PDF/A Conversion

Technology is always changing and evolving at a quick pace. The most recent or what appears to be the most sophisticated now will be obsolete in ten or more years. Change is unavoidable and occurs at such a rapid pace that correctly archiving certain important papers for the coming years will relieve you of tension. Almost everyone who owns or uses a computer and has a large number of important files begins converting them to PDF. A PDF format is compatible with all major system software, making it simple to share and see; nevertheless, it is subject to change in the future. If, on the other hand, you convert your files to PDF/A format, no format, layout, image, or text will change even after a hundred years.

All converted documents will be accessible, secure, and safe in the future if you use a PDF to PDFA converter for your files. This is critical for employees, business owners, and students or teachers. You don’t have to be concerned about the file because all information or contents from years ago are permanently entrenched in the document. However, to accomplish this, you will need a file converter. With that said, GogoPDF’s PDF to PDF/A converter is the appropriate tool to assist you. Your files are correctly converted into PDF/A in only a few minutes, with minimal effort, and you will no longer be concerned.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

All of your newly converted PDF/A files will be safeguarded and stored in an unchangeable format. Furthermore, here are the simple methods for converting your PDF file to PDF/A format:

First, take your documents or PDFs from your device and upload them to the site’s conversion box. The process will be initiated by the converter tool. Wait a few minutes for the system to do the work. Then, save and download your newly converted PDF/A file to your device. You can also share it directly by copying and pasting the URL into any of your social networking sites.

ISO-Standardized Website

GogoPDFs web utility produces and converts PDF files to an ISO-standardized version, PDF/A. Unnecessary and inappropriate features are deleted for long-term archiving. Using different applications, you can reproduce a PDF file that looks the same if it is ISO-standardized. Even if you file it for several years, it will still look the same.

At Its Finest Convenience

It is great that not only is it safe to convert your electronic documents with GogoPDF, but it is also a good platform that presents its services. Every online tool and feature that you may utilize has been streamlined for your convenience. However, if you run into any problems, you can always contact customer service via chat. GogoPDF ensures that your files are converted to high-quality files in a matter of seconds. As a result, you can say goodbye to time-consuming operations and hello to simple, convenient, and quick conversions.

Furthermore, because enormous file sizes are translated fast, the technology assures that large file sizes do not waste your time. Because GogoPDF is a web-based platform, you do not need to need a specific device to visit their website. So, whether you use a smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet, you can continue to utilize all of your platform’s free services. It also works with all of the major web browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Conversion in a Hurry

With GogoPDF, all of the clients’ limited time is important and cherished; hence, the web-based software ensures that there is no lost time when using the tool. You can quickly convert all of your PDF files with the online converter tool. You will be able to convert your PDFs into new safe and secure PDF/A files in just a few simple clicks. Producing one has never been so quick and simple.

Data Protection Regulation

Assume you are concerned about uploading your personal and important documents into the system. In such a case, GogoPDF guarantees all of their valued clients that they are sincere about their privacy and data policy, which means that any file you submit to the site is completely erased from their server an hour afterward.

Safely Stored on the Cloud

You won’t have any problems utilizing the PDF to PDF/A converter tool because you won’t have to download and install any GogoPDF software. All you’ll need is a compatible gadget that can connect to the internet and, of course, your PDF file. Everything you do is recorded online and preserved in the Cloud. And the best part? It will not use any of your device’s storage capacity.

Browser Compatibility on the Platform

GogoPDFs technology ensured that the PDF to PDF/A tool worked not just on one operating system but also on various iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows platforms. The program is also compatible with a variety of popular web browsers.

Pro Version You Should Try

If you work with a lot of electronic documents, it is advised that you subscribe to the GogoPDF Pro edition if you want a far better platform experience. This enables you to gain more capabilities and benefits, such as numerous files and endless storage at the same time, and you will finally be free of the unpleasant pop-ups and unskippable adverts that stifle your work.

The premium version does not have to be paid for automatically. The platform’s 14-day free trial runs are constantly available to offer you the impression that you desire to acquire a Pro version account. We guarantee that anyone who purchases the Pro version will be making a long-term, beneficial investment, taking into account all of the rewards and features that come with it.


Understanding how the PDF/A format works will cause you to convert all of your PDF files to PDF/A. Aside from that, you can safely preserve it on your computer even if it has been several years. Remove the vault and filing cabinets. Use GogoPDF to convert your files quickly and easily.