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GogoPDF: Instantly Split Large PDF Files

In the 21st century, you can’t deny the presence of e-commerce, online learning, and work-from-home setup. They changed the way consumers purchase their items and altered the way students and workers accomplish their reports. Instead of personally visiting physical stores and educational institutions, you now utilize technological innovations to accomplish the tasks that you have to do.

For instance, when sending documents containing essays, receipts, and other important information, you just have to open your email, Facebook, or other social media accounts to send them to their desired recipients. However, there are cases that the process of sharing it will not be successful because its file size exceeds the limit of 25 MB. If you encounter this problem, you have to use the split PDF tool of a reliable and convenient website known as GogoPDF.

The purpose of using the split PDF tool of GogoPDF

If this is your first time hearing the split PDF tool of GogoPDF, you are probably wondering why it is important. A lot of students and workers are starting to use it because they saw how beneficial it is in their lives. It has the power to separate one large PDF file into several smaller documents without compromising the quality of its content. As a result, it reduces and restructures the file size which will allow you to send it successfully via Gmail, Facebook, and other platforms. By using it, you can also separate blank and unnecessary pages from the relevant ones.

Steps to split PDF using GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an efficient and convenient tool for splitting PDF files. During the entire process, it will not disarrange nor alter the resolution of your documents unlike other websites, software, and applications that perform very poorly and are inaccurate. Get your smartphone, laptop, or computer, and search for using any of your installed browsers.

Step 1

Now that you reach the website, you have to find and click the split PDF tool. It will redirect you to a webpage featuring a large toolbox at the center. To begin the process, you have to upload the file you wish to split by clicking the select a file button.  It will let you choose the PDF from all the documents contained in your local storage. For a more straightforward process of uploading the PDF, you can use the drag and drop option.

Step 2

Once the PDF reaches the website, you have to choose from several options on how you want to extract it. After deciding, click the split PDF now and wait for a few minutes for the tool to complete the process. It might take a little longer if the file size is too large or if your internet connection is too slow but it is still faster than any other online tool.

Step 3

After the splitting process, the tool will let you download the documents. You can save them on your local storage for easy access especially if you are in a place without internet connectivity. It is advisable to also save them on your google drive and dropbox account so that you have a backup copy of your device that becomes corrupted. If you find the website helpful, you may share it with your friends who are also handling huge digital documents daily.

What other tools can you use when you access the website?

1.   Repair PDF

The website can’t only split files, but it can also recover corrupted documents through its repair PDF tool.  If you encounter inaccessible documents damaged by malware and viruses. immediately head to the website and upload it to the toolbox. After a few minutes, you can open and browse its content again. In this way, you will no longer have to visit a professional which may cost you a huge amount of money. You have to take note that the online tool is not capable of recovering every uploaded file due to the seriousness of the damage. But rest assured that the website will do everything in its power to fix the problem.

2.   Convert PDF

If you have Word, PPT, or Excel files that you wish to turn to PDF, you may use the convert to PDF tool of the website. It will let you share the file with anyone else without altering its structure, layout, and fonts. If you detected errors in spelling and calculation, the best thing to do is to turn them back to their original file formats using the convert from PDF tool. These tools are free so don’t worry about any charges.

3.   Watermark PDF

To establish ownership over your digital files, you have to attach a watermark on each page. It can be a text, a photo, a logo, or anything that best represents you. The website will give you the chance to choose from its accessible watermarks but you can also create your own.

In Conclusion

GogoPDF is an impressive online tool that every student and working adult would love to have. It has a lot of tools to offer and the best part is that they are all for free. If you have a  document you have to split, make sure to use its split PDF tool.

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