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Get Your Business Ready For Remote Working With These Pro Tools

Following the new normal might be difficult for many. Switching to the online mode of working and coordinating with each employee is going to be a daunting task as well. However, with no other options, the switch has become quite compulsory in these times.

If you’re a business owner, you’d understand the stress one has been going through to shift everything online. Keeping your employees safe is your topmost priority and so is running your business successfully.

Since it can be difficult for some people to adjust to the new working strategies, here’s a short guide to help you stay at the top of your game. There’s a list of Pro Tools that will help you with carrying out the task of running your business smoothly and staying connected with your employees at the same time. Read on to know more!

Remote Working Productivity Tools

Google Docs

Whenever there’s a crisis of the unknown, Google stands tall with all the answers. Google Docs is one such invention, patented by Google.

It’s a simpler, mobile-friendly version of PC friendly document editing software. Not only does it work exceptionally well on smartphones, but it’s also available for usage on big screens as well.

You can use this software to edit documents and share it with your colleagues without any hassle of downloading the file or having to mail it separately. If you’re working on any of the documents, the changes would be immediately saved. Therefore, there would be no loss of data at any given moment and you can easily access all your files from any compatible medium.

It’s a safe and user-friendly application that will make your tasks smoother. You’d be able to keep a look at all the documentation without having to ask for regular updates. It also has an option wherein multiple people can view and edit a single file.

The mindful designing of the application to serve the purpose completely makes it one of the most recommended tools to work on. If you’re a business owner and require to go through or work upon a lot of documents, this one’s the best application for you to start with.

Video Editing Software

Working from home does not mean there wouldn’t be client meetings and presentations. In fact, with the change in the working atmosphere, you’d be bound to start using various applications for better outputs.

If you have presentations to make but have not used any of that software, you can opt for other options that would give you the same output, but better.

Instead of going for the age-old slide presentation, go for a video editing software like InVideo. It will give you an increased number of options to choose from, be relatively easier to use, and may bump up the quality of the work that you’d be giving. Read this guide for more information.

These inventions will help you connect better with your clients as well as employees and make remote working a tad bit less boring. Even you’d start liking it once you experiment with the various editing options these video editing applications provide.


Remember the mind numbing-ly long and boring board/client meetings? Well, there’s no escape to that even if you’re working remotely. Since meetings are an important part of running an organization, having a platform that facilitates such moves is important.

Skype is a video conferencing software using which you can easily carry out these mundane yet essential meetings on a daily basis. To learn how to make a video call on skype is an easy task. Here’s how:

  1. You simply have to make an account on the application.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, select the contact you wish to add on a video call. If there’s no contact, add them from their individual skype ID’s or search on your phonebook.
  3. Select the audio, or video button. You can choose to mute the audio and turn off the camera at the same time.
  4. Make the call, and start off with the video call!
  5. Once you’re done, select the end call option. This will end the video call.

Google Spreadsheet

Google has been our savior for a long time, hasn’t it? Google spreadsheet is the nicer, easier version of Excel spreadsheets.

With this application, it’s simpler to make and maintain spreadsheets. Remote working may keep you overloaded with work and at times like these people look for options that would make it easier to organize everything.

You can use this application on laptops as well as mobile phones. This gives it a +1 on the usability front.

Next comes the sharing of information between employers and employees. Just like Google Docs, this software allows you to share and edit excel sheets directly from the interface without additional downloading, updating or emailing.

It’s an excellent option for remote workers to increase coordination and communication between the teams. It boosts productivity by helping you to organize the work and other tasks easily.


What is this online chatting application doing on this list? Well, as absurd as it may sound, WhatsApp is actually something that will ease out remote working for you.

With options like group chatting, message broadcasting, internet calls, etc., it’s bound to make remote working a little less unusual. You can easily use one platform that’s widely used by everyone. It facilitates connecting with your team members and carrying out an organized way of working.

WhatsApp has an alternate application that goes by the name WhatsApp Business.  You can use it to reach out to your clients or maintain a separate platform for business purposes only.

Help Your Business Switch To Remote Working With These Tools

Getting used to the new normal might take some time but with the help of some easy to use tools, you can make the process a lot more fun and exciting. It’s obvious that you’re not used to working without seeing your employees every day but there are various options available that won’t make it seem as isolating as it sounds.

Technology has bridged the gap between efficient business and remote working. There’s no difficulty in carrying out complex tasks even when you don’t have ten people to assist you around every time. The virtual world might become the new business hub in the coming days. Be ready and stay updated as the latest technology fills up the online space with improved opportunities.

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