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Get the latest information on the new seasons of Love Victor

If you want to experience the life and the problem faced by the Gay community, then Love Victor is the best series you can watch.

There are two seasons of Love Victor with 20 episodes in total. The Running time is from 29 min to 33 minutes.

The Creators of this unique show are Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger, and the Producers are Nick Robinson and Shawn Wilt. The first two seasons premiered on June 17, 2020-June 11, 2021.

Plot: What is the plotline of Love Victor season 3`?

The Teen Comedy-drama is hitting the American Screens and Receiving Wide applause.

Season 2 is not smooth for the relationship of Victor and Benji.

It is very hard for Victor’s mother to accept a Gay son because of which She is harsh on Benji. It is the main reason for the fight between Victor and Benji, They decided to take a break for some time. Victor and Rahim go to the wedding of Mia’s father. where they found dancing by Benji.

Now a twist for the audience.

Victor doesn’t have feelings for Rahim but on the other hand, Rahim is mad for victor and filled with emotions for Victor.

Benji is angry and confused that Victor moved on so quickly, He said that Rahim and he are just friends, Surprisingly, Rahim confessed his feelings to Victor that leave him in a dilemma.

Felix advised him to close his eyes and imagine his future with the suitable guy. in the end we saw an open door but not the face.

Release date: when Can we watch the new Season of Love Victor?

The first two seasons of Love Victor premiered from June 17, 2020-June 11, 2021. The new Season is on the way. Although production has not confirmed the dates, according to sources, the 3rd Season will come at the end of 2021 Or in June of 2022.

Cast: what are the names of the characters involved in The show of Love Victor season 3?


  • Michael Cimino plays the role of Victor Salazar ( Main Character of the show, Finding himself and his sexual orientation)
  • Rachel Hilson plays the role of Mia Brooks ( Victor’s Ex-girlfriend and quick wit girl)
  • Anthony Turpel plays the role of Felix Westen( He is the Queer fish and the neighbour of Victor)
  • Bebe Wood plays the role of Lake Meriwether( He is an Obsessed social media friend of Mia)
  • Mason Gooding plays the role of Andrew
  • George Sear plays the role of Benji Campbell( victor’s gay boyfriend, he is good looking and charming young man)
  • Isabella Ferreira plays the role of Pilar Salazar( she is the younger sister of Victor who is troubled with her new life)
  • Mateo Fernandez plays the role of Adrian Salazar( He is the brother of Victor)
  • James Martinez plays the role of Armando Salaza ( He is the father of victor who is very hardworking and generous to his family)
  • Ana Ortizplays the role of Isabel Salazar( She is the beautiful mother of Victor)


  • Mekhi Phifer plays the role of Harold Brooks ( He is the father of Mia)
  • Sophia Bush plays the role of Veronica( She is the new girlfriend of Mia’s Father)
  • Charlie Hall plays the role of Kieran.
  • AJ Carr plays the role of Teddy ( He is the close friend of Andrew and A basketball player)
  • Lukas Gage plays the role of Derek ( He is the ex-boyfriend)
  • Betsy Brandt plays the role of Dawn Westen,
  • Ava Capri plays the role of Lucy.
  • Anthony Keyvan plays the role of Rahim.
  • Julie Benz plays the role of Shelby.
  • Beth Littleford plays the role of Sarah.
  • Leslie Grossman plays the role of Georgina Meriwether.
  • Abigail Killmeier plays the role of Wendy.
  • Andy Richter plays the role of Coach Ford.

Platforms: where can we watch all seasons of Love Victor season 3?

The comedy-drama is waiting to impress you with its unique writing and beautiful message. Love Victor is one of the series which never let you love Victor.

You can watch all the seasons of Love Victor exclusively on HULU

You can also catch similar genre series on these over-the-top platforms.

Ratings: what are the ratings of Love Victor season 3?

Love Victor received wide critique acclaim from every corner of the world, which we can judge by the ratings.

Love Victor has 8.1 ratings on IMDb and 95% on rotten tomatoes.


The beautiful relationship between Victor and Benji is portrayed on the screen by directors.

The Confusion between both of them is cute and worth watching.

The plot of Love victor widens and improves the thought process of a layman and we get to know about the feelings of Gay community, That they are no different.

If you are looking for a fresh theme and plot, go for Love victor without any hesitation.

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