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Exploring the Life of Fritz Peterson’s Ex-Wife!

Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich made headlines with what became the most scandalous trade in baseball history. Their decision to swap not only teams but also families, including wives and children, shocked the sports world and captured public attention. Amidst the controversy and media frenzy, one figure emerged from the shadows: Susanne Kekich, Mike Kekich’s wife at the center of this tumultuous trade.

While much of the focus remained on the unexpected exchange between the two pitchers and their families, Susanne found herself thrust into the spotlight, facing scrutiny and curiosity from the public. Her perspective and experiences during this unprecedented time offer a unique glimpse into one of baseball’s most infamous episodes.

Who is Fritz Peterson’s Wife, Susanne Kekich?

Susanne Kekich has been intertwined with the controversial story of Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich since their unconventional marital swap in the 1970s. Prior to marrying Peterson in 1974, Susanne was the wife of Peterson’s former New York Yankees teammate, Mike Kekich. Together, Susanne and Mike had two daughters, adding another layer of complexity to the already sensational narrative.

The unprecedented exchange of spouses between Peterson and Kekich sent shockwaves through the sports world and beyond. As the dust settled, Susanne found herself at the center of this media storm, navigating the public’s intense interest in her personal life.

In a revealing interview, Peterson shed light on the emotional dynamics that unfolded, stating, “eventually [Kekich] fell in love with my wife and I fell in love with his.” This candid admission offered a glimpse into the complex relationships and feelings that led to this scandalous trade, forever altering the lives of those involved, including Susanne Kekich. Her story remains a fascinating chapter in the annals of baseball history.

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How Did Fritz and Susanne Meet?

The intriguing story of Fritz Peterson, Susanne Kekich, and Mike Kekich began on a summer evening in 1972 at a party hosted by New York Post writer Maury. Amidst laughter and shared drinks, a spontaneous decision was made to continue the festivities at a diner in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Peterson suggested a unique arrangement for the ride to the diner: he would accompany Susanne while Mike would ride with Marilyn, Peterson’s then-wife.

This initial outing sparked an unexpected connection between Fritz and Susanne, leading to a series of shared experiences over the following days. They continued to spend time together, enjoying dinners and drinks, while their respective spouses, Mike and Marilyn, joined them initially but eventually left early.

By March 1973, the situation took a dramatic turn when Peterson and Kekich announced in separate press conferences their decision to swap families, labeling it a “husband trade.” Susanne, along with her two daughters, moved in with Peterson, joining his ex-wife Marilyn and their two sons. This unconventional arrangement captured the public’s imagination, making it one of the most talked-about stories in sports history.

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In conclusion, the story of Fritz Peterson, Susanne Kekich, and Mike Kekich remains one of the most intriguing and controversial chapters in sports history. What began as a chance meeting at a party evolved into a complex and unconventional relationship that captivated the public’s attention.

The decision to swap families announced in a series of press conferences, defied societal norms and sparked widespread debate. Susanne’s role in this unprecedented trade added another layer of complexity to an already sensational story. While opinions remain divided on the ethical implications of their actions, there’s no denying the lasting impact of this scandalous episode on the world of sports and popular culture. The tale of the “husband trade” continues to fascinate and intrigue, serving as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of human relationships.

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