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Foundation Season 3: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, and Plot Predictions

The third season of Foundation is supposed to have begun filming. Here is what we know about it.

The same-titled novel series by Isaac Asimov was adapted for Apple TV+ and debuted in 2021. Two seasons have already been released, and a third is planned. Reviews for the first season of Foundation were mixed to good.

Jared Harris, who plays protagonist Hari Seldon, and Lee Pace, who plays villain Brother Day, one of a group of genetic clones that control the Galactic Empire, both received high marks for their set designs and performances.

A second season, which debuted in 2023, followed the first, which received two Primetime Emmy nominations, two Visual Effects Society Awards, and two wins.

The series’ inspiration books were originally written as a trilogy and released between 1951 and 1953. Two further books were published in 1982 and 1986, while prequel novels were produced in 1988 and 1993.

The Apple TV+ series is based on an original trilogy that began as a collection of short stories and novellas. It shows a History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but it takes place in an innovative future where planets are at war and there is a Galactic Empire. It’s hardly surprising that the Foundation has earned so much fame given its great premise.

Foundation 3 Latest News And Confirmation

The formal announcement of the Foundation’s third-season renewal has come from Apple TV+. Speaking on the series’ success, Matt Cherniss, head of programming at Apple TV+, made the following announcement:

The ambitious, thrilling, and inventive adaptation that David, along with the rest of this talented creative team and cast, has brought to life with this high-end sci-fi series, has left us all utterly amazed.

It has been amazing to watch “Foundation” develop into such a worldwide sensation, with fans all over the world becoming attracted by this compelling and dramatic weekly mission to save humanity. Everyone is excited to see what new and well-loved characters will encounter in season three.

The third season of Foundation was officially renewed by Apple TV+ in December, albeit no release date or information about whether filming has begun has been provided. Remarkably, though, several sites stated in August and September of 2023 that there were reports the third season had already been approved.

Even the news that the third season was already in production surfaced. Creator David S. Goyer, nevertheless, declined to comment on these reports (via Tech Radar). Even though these were never verified, the season’s official renewal suggests that work may have started before the announcement.

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What Will Be The Cast In Season 3?

Although the whole cast of Foundation season 3 is still unknown, several of the characters from season 2 may be there. But since there was a 138-year time jump between the first and second seasons, it’s possible that if there is another significant time jump, the cast will also shift.

Nevertheless, several characters survived the time jump because of the sci-fi elements of the show. Cast members who survived the time leap from season 1 to season 2 include Lee Pace’s Brother Day and Jared Harris’s mathematician Hari Seldon.

The cast of The Foundation season 3 does seem to be missing a few members, though, notably Harris’s Hari Seldon, who passed away in the second season’s sixth episode, “Why the Gods Made Wine.” Furthermore, Gaal Dornick witnessed Salvor Hardin die 150 years in the future, suggesting that Leah Harvey’s portrayal of him may be doomed.

Since this is a science fiction show, they might still make a comeback in some capacity. Based on the details revealed thus far, the following is a look at the cast of Foundation season 3:

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Storyline Of Foundation Season 3

Although season 2 finished with yet another massive time jump (which also occurred between seasons 1 and 2), the plot of Foundation season 3 is still unknown. The Mule, a mentalist who was initially meant to kill Salvor Hardin, is going to be connected to the events of the season 2 finale, which concluded with a time leap of 152 years.

The terrible truth that Hari Seldon, the primary character, passed away in the second season is another. Whatever the specifics, it’s obvious that the third season of the program will introduce significant conflicts for every one of the characters.

David Goyer described this as “a 1,000-year chess game between Hari Seldon and the Empire, and all the characters in between are the pawns” when he came up with the concept for the Apple TV+ tale (via THR). According to that revelation, Hari might make a reappearance in the Foundation season 3 narrative.


To sum up, Apple TV+ has officially confirmed that the third season of the sitcom “Foundation” will air in the fall. Matt Cherniss has expressed excitement about the show’s popularity. There are hints that filming may have already begun, despite the lack of an official release date.

It is anticipated that the cast would consist of well-known figures from the past seasons, while possible time jumps might bring in new characters. Notably, as the plot develops, Jared Harris’s character Hari Seldon, and other important characters can encounter difficulties.

Creator David S. Goyer likened the complex plot to a “1,000-year chess game,” and the next season is expected to feature interesting confrontations. Therefore this is all about season 3 of Foundation.

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