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Fortnite’s Latest Update Unleashes a Arsenal of New Weapons and Augments!

Fortnite Update Adds New Weapons, Augments: The popular battle royale game Fortnite just got a new update that adds some cool new guns and upgrades. As part of Chapter 4 Season 4, the update adds the Shield Breaker EMP, the Sticky Grenade Launcher, and three new Reality Augments that can help you play better.

Shield Breaker EMP

The cutting-edge Shield Breaker EMP has transformed modern warfare. This innovative electromagnetic pulse weapon has been created to disable hostile energy shields and electronic countermeasures.

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When deployed, the Shield Breaker EMP releases a tremendous blast of electromagnetic radiation that disrupts energy and can disable even the most hardened targets’ shields.

Fortnite Update Adds New Weapons, Augments

Its precision and versatility help armed forces break enemy fortifications and win high-stakes battles. The Shield Breaker EMP changed the balance of power in modern combat, opening up new strategic options and shaking up military operations.

Sticky Grenade Launcher

The Sticky Grenade Launcher is a new weapon that shoots projectiles that stick to surfaces and then explode after a short delay.

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You can damage enemies and buildings from afar with this weapon, or you can set up traps for enemies who don’t see them coming.

The Sticky Grenade Launcher fires rockets, which are easy to get with one of the new Reality Augments. This weapon can be found in boxes, holo-chests, heist bags, a flying drone, or a Point of Interest (POI).

New Reality Augments

Reality Augments are special perks that you can use in Fortnite to get an edge over your opponents. Most of the time, they go with the theme of the season, which is “heist” this year. The new release adds the following three Reality Augments to the game:

  • Explosive Surplus: This Reality Augment grants you quick rocket ammunition and ensures that any containers you open have rocket ammunition inside of them at all times. This is an excellent method for employing other explosive weapons in addition to the Sticky Grenade Launcher.
  • High Voltage: The Business Turret and Shield Breaker EMPs are immediately available to you thanks to this Reality Augment. Each enemy you kill adds Shield Breaker EMPs to your inventory. This is a great way to penetrate enemy defenses or destroy vehicles.
  • Storm Chase: This Reality Augment lowers the amount of energy lost whilst sprinting by a significant amount. Additionally, it lessens the amount of water that is lost during the Storm. This is helpful for evading the Storm as well as tracking down adversaries.

How to Get the New Weapons and Augments?

Getting the newest guns and upgrades in Fortnite is important if you want to stay competitive in a game that is always changing.

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To get these new things, you’ll need to keep up with the regular changes and patch notes for Fortnite. With each update, Epic Games adds new weapons and upgrades.

Fortnite Update Adds New Weapons, Augments

You can find these things all over the map or get them by beating other players. Keep an eye out for supply drops, because they often contain rare and powerful gear.

Taking part in Limited Time Modes (LTM) or special events can also give you access to guns and upgrades that aren’t available anywhere else.

Explore the game’s mechanics and change your strategies to the changing metagame to increase your chances of getting these items. This will make sure you’re always ready to use the best weapons and upgrades in Fortnite’s fast-paced and competitive environment.


In conclusion, the latest Fortnite update, which adds new guns and “enhancements,” is another exciting step in the game’s constantly changing world.

Epic Games keeps players interested and entertained by adding new features and material all the time. These new features not only make the game better but also show how popular it is and how committed it is to giving players a dynamic and engaging experience.

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