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Follow these 4 tips to avoid Covid-19 in the Festive Season – Health Ministry issued Advisory

The festive season has started. On November 4, Karvachauth is fasted, while on November 14, Diwali and then Chhath festival. That is, this whole month is full of festivals. Being a festival, it is bound to be crowded in the market. In such a situation, the Indian government has issued an advisory to the public to avoid corona.

A poster of the Diwali celebration has been shared by the Ministry of Health. In this poster, two cartoons have stood by putting on masks and making a distance of two yards. On top of which the coat is written- ‘Unless there is medicine, there is no laxity.’

Along with this, wrote in the tweet- ‘Become a responsible citizen. Wear masks even during festivals, wash your hands frequently and keep a proper distance from others. 2 yards, the mask is necessary.

Keep these things in mind while shopping to avoid corona

  • Before leaving the house, wear gloves in your hands with a proper mask. Also, take the sanitizer with you.
  • Avoid carrying children and the elderly.
  • Go by your own car instead of public transport. If you have to go by transport, then keep away from people and at least touch things.
  • Do not touch the nose, ears, mouth.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from the people. But this is not possible in the festive season, so keep masks on.

Going to a wedding or other function in the Corona era, then definitely keep these things in mind

  • Avoid going to places where there is too much crowd.
  • If you have to shop from a place where there is more crowd then reach the market at a time when there is not much crowd. For example, leave the weekend and go in the afternoon or morning.
  • Avoid touching everything while shopping. If touched without wearing gloves, then immediately sanitize the hands.
  • If you are going shopping for goods, do not touch the elevators, stairs railings, door handles, vehicles, shopping malls or shop furniture etc.
  • Pay online as much as you can. If someone has to pay cash, then put them in separate polythene by wearing gloves and sanitize at home.
  • If your health is a little bad, avoid going out.
  • If you are coughing or sneezing while shopping, use a tissue immediately and throw it in a dustbin to sanitize your hands.
  • Never throw used tissue in the way. Other people can also get infected by this.
  • On reaching home, first, remove the gloves and mask and sanitize the hands. Only then go inside the house.
  • Try shopping that you have brought, to sanitize them, or keep them in the sun for a while.

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