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Five Of The Best Grand Strategy Games For Fighting

From Humankind to Total War: Rome 2, many grand strategy games have exciting and meaty fighting.

When you play big strategy games, fights are often very abstract. In those games, auto-battlers or auto-resolve might be the norm. If not, they might add fighting modes where the player doesn’t have much control over how to fight.

That’s the case with Crusader Kings 3 and Europa Universalis 4’s simple methods for ending battles.

That doesn’t matter at all for most people. It’s not what big strategy games are about to fight in great detail. People who are new to the show or old fans who want something new, though, wish there was more to this world than the space rock pits of Stellaris.

Polaris Sector

Polaris Sector is a big strategy game that not many people know about. Even back then, its real-time fighting made it easy for a lot of people to like it.

The biggest complaint about Polaris Sector when it first came out was that it didn’t have enough unique material for the price. The expansion seems to have fixed this problem.

Polaris Sector

Along with the real-time battle system, the best thing about the game is that you can change how each ship in a fleet looks. Because of this and the realistic space fights, Polaris Sector is a great new take on an old 4X game.

Space Empires V

Space Empires V is a bit of an older game; it came out in 2006. The genre has changed a lot since then, but Space Empires V is still a great choice for fans of big strategy games.

Space Empires V

It’s also really cheap! There are battles in space and battles on the ground. The player can either leave the first one alone or guide it in real-time strategy mode.

Ground fighting is like open-space fights, but fans have more mixed feelings about it. Some say it’s frustrating. You can also change a lot of things about the game. You can change the units, graphics, and other game settings, and the game also works well with mods.

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When Humankind was first released, everyone thought it would be a show that competed with the popular 4x show Civilization.

[Most fans of the classic series didn’t just ship Humankind because they thought it had a long way to go, but most agree that the new game did a better job of fighting than the old one.


In battle, the map is the same as in the main game, but the time frame is different. It’s not the same thing to play the game and fight at the same time. In big fights, this is what helps them find a nice rhythm that Civilization doesn’t even try to achieve.

Age Of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 didn’t get as much praise as other games in the same genre. Some even said that the parts that dealt with big strategy were boring.

Age Of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 may lose to some of its competitors in some areas, but it easily beats them in battle. One thing is that it’s a unique mix of 4X and turn-based tactics.

This is the kind of fighting you’d see in a strategy role-playing game or Heroes of Might and Magic. It has all the critical parts of real-time strategy games, like positioning and damage types, but the turns are based on your speed, so you can play at your own pace. Some people also like turn-based strategies better.

Cauldrons Of War – Stalingrad

Stalingrad looks like it will be a fun mix of big-picture planning and tactical battles. It says on the game’s Steam page that you should play it “whenever you want your WW2 shot but don’t have time for a monster strategy game.”

Cauldrons Of War - Stalingrad

One thing that makes this mix interesting to fans of tactics and combat games is that it doesn’t have any real-time strategy like most games in the genre do.

Combat is a big part of the game, but it’s more like a complex board game than a Total War game. Even so, you still need to learn a lot about how to fight in Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad.

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