Fitbit Versa 3 Features, Release Date, Future, Specs, News

Fitbit Versa 3 is the new edition of smartwatch which is making waves around the world. This is likely to be a unique offering, which does not have any physical buttons on the dial or on the outside. Versa 2, its earlier version made big headways around the world, and in some surveys, also beat the likes of Samsung and Apple. Now, you may be surprised to hear this.

In the Verge’s online finding, the watch came out as the preferred fitness tracker as compared to Samsung, and Apple’s offering. However, the survey also found that the watch did not improve over theirs in the smartwatch category. This is likely to be the main challenge for Fitbit Versa 3.

Fitbit Versa 3 Features

The Fitbit Versa 3, will likely exhibit new features like an electrocardiogram similar to Apple’s device. This will allow young, and old alike to monitor their heart rates for fitness, and medical purposes. Moreover, in the place of physical buttons, the watch will feature digital icons for volume, GPS, and will also provide stiff water resistance up to 50M.

Fitbit Versa 3 Release Date

The release date for Fitbit Verse 3 has still not announced. It is unlikely that the company will exhibit its flagship product during the coronavirus crisis. The slow demand may jeopardize the future of the brand in these difficult times. Moreover, Fitbit will also exhibit FitSence, another attractive product in the price range $199 to $300. Many sites claim to have newly leaked photos of the watch. The photos reveal only one color offering in black as of now.

The Future of FitBit

Google had earlier expressed a desire to gain an ownership stake in Fitbit. The company remains a prominent player in the market under its independent leadership. However, with Google’s backing, the company can compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple on a whole new level.

However, due to antitrust issues, Google is likely to stay sidelined for some time to come. On the other hand, Fitbit keeps launching products at breakneck speeds, and promise to woo its new fanbase with attractive offerings.