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First Reviews of Violent Night, Starring David Harbour, Are Positive.

This past weekend at New York Comic Con, attendees were very enthusiastic about the new holiday film titled “Violent Night,” which stars Stranger Things’ David Harbour.

Tommy Wirkola is the director of this film, which is an action comedy (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters). David Harbour plays the role of Santa Claus, who comes to the aid of a family whose house is being broken into violently.

Following the world premiere of “Violent Night,” attendees of the convention took to Twitter to share their initial reactions, which we have compiled below for your perusal.

Erik Davis of Fandango penned the following review: “Just saw #ViolentNight at #NYCC and it’s a BLAST. It’s almost like a cross between Die Hard and Bad Santa, and it has some of the most inventive action scenes I’ve ever seen, all of which are themed on Christmas. The role of Santa Claus would be perfect for David Harbour. Lots of passion, knocks on the head, and goodwill toward others over the holiday season. This one truly lives up to the expectations that were set for it. It’s more fun with a group!

“”Bah, humbug, motherf**ker!” The film “Violent Night” strikes the ideal balance between gore and holiday spirit. As an angry Santa Claus who wants to go out with a bang, David Harbour doesn’t hold back in his portrayal of the role. The movie is a wonderful present. The kill shots look like they could have been taken from Final Destination, and the plot makes a lot of sense. #NYCC, “added Decider’s Raven Brunner.

“Tilly Pearce tweeted that she was “obsessed” with what she had just witnessed on the big screen, and the remark was accompanied by an emoji of a heart. She expressed her satisfaction by stating, “It was all I wanted it to be: pure, violent, gloriously idiotic joy from the very beginning to the very finish.” #NYCC.” Another reviewer characterised “VIOLENT NIGHT,” a film about Christmas violence, as “rude, bloody, and foolish.”

“On Christmas Eve, David Harbour’s portrayal of Santa Claus uses a hammer to crush the bones of his adversaries, commanded by a nasty person played by John Leguizamo, and spills their blood while eating cookies and drinking booze. ” It is exactly as insane as it appears to be.

Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, and Beverly D’Angelo are some of the other actors who appear in the film.

The film Violent Night is scheduled to make its debut in theatres on December 2nd.

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