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Finger on the App 2: How Does the Finger Work on the App 2?

It’s up to you to keep your finger on the app as long as you can in MrBeast’s new multiplayer mobile gaming contest, Finger On The App 2. $100,000 will be awarded to the Finger On The App winner!

The winner must meet the eligibility requirements. It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old and to be a legal resident of one of the following countries or territories: Finger on the App 2 is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google in any way. ‘Finger on the App 2’ Contest Kicks Off Saturday – MrBeast’s $100,000 Giveaway

A $100,000 prize awaits the dedicated fan who can keep their finger attached to their smartphone for the longest in “Finger on the App 2,” a digital endurance competition launched on Saturday, March 20 by MrBeast, master YouTube showman, cash-giveaway artist and philanthropist. As indicated by the countdown metre on the Beast Games website, “Finger on the App 2” will begin at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT on Wednesday, March 20.

Finger on the App 2

A surge in downloads led Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast to his 55.5 million YouTube fans, to postpone launching “Finger on the App 2″ in late December because his team needed to improve their systems to handle it. This past Sunday, MrBeast announced the game’s new March 20 start time. Anyone who doesn’t remove their finger from my new app by the end of the contest will win $100,000!” To participate, all you have to do is hold your finger on the app for six days,” Donaldson wrote in a Twitter message. Soon after, “Finger on the App 2” shot to the top of the list of free iPhone apps on Apple’s App Store in the United States. Sensor Tower estimates that as of Friday morning, the app has 1.2 million global instals.

It was MrBeast’s very first “Finger on the App” competition—

On June 30, 2020, a new version of the British game show “Touch the Truck,” which first aired two decades earlier, will debut, with a $25,000 grand prize up for grabs. After 70 hours of play, MrBeast decided to call it a day and award $20,000 to each of the remaining four players.

Contestants must be at least 18-years-old and live in the United States, Canada (except Quebec), or Mexico to enter “Finger on the App 2.” Android and iOS versions of the software can be downloaded and installed for free (at this link).

In order to avoid cheating in “Finger on the App 2,” participants must move their fingers across the app constantly. Players can earn “cookies” that can be exchanged for additional lives in the main event, which can be used up to three times. Players must win or draw five-minute combat in order to collect cookies. In-app purchases allow gamers to add more lives to their account (and for a limited time during the main event, a final life will be available for purchase).

During “Finger on the App 2,” Beast Games encourages players to Livestream and invites onlookers to join in as well. Streams from competitors (who can provide a link to their streams to may be included in the competition, according to the business.

As part of the 22-year-old North Carolina native’s growing business empire, Donaldson’s Beast Interactive Games developed “Finger on the App 2.” Over-the-top antics like dumping 100 million Orbeez in his friend’s backyard and stunts like offering $100,000 to people to quit their jobs have earned MrBeast an enormous following online. MrBeast’s company, which employs 50 people, recently created a virtual restaurant franchise called MrBeast Burger.

An app that tests your ability to keep your fingers on the screen for an extended period of time
Input From Second-Person Perspective

In Finger on the App 2, you compete with others to see how long you can keep your finger on the smartphone screen while the game app is running.

Exactly what is the app’s “finger on the pulse?”

Put your finger on the screen and follow the highlighted areas if you’re in that country.

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A life is lost if you do not touch the highlighted regions or if you take your finger off the display. You lose the entire game if you lose three lives in this free online game.

Using App 2, how do you work on your finger dexterity?

While navigating the app, you must keep up with the highlighted regions on your phone as you move your finger about.

Finger on the App 2

Play online with other people, much like you would in The Day Before, but without the intricacy of the game itself.

Is the finger on the app still running??

In battle modes, you can still compete against other users,

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but there is no reward money to be won. 1 v 1 games against strangers are required in order to win items such as additional lives for later rounds.

What we think

Buying lives to compete in a game where you could win money looked unjust when there was prize money on the line. Although it’s fun to play against other people, it lacks the intricacy of other multiplayer games like Clash Of Clans.

Is it worth downloading?

It’s only worth downloading if you don’t mind occasionally losing due to circumstances beyond your control because the game relies on continuous service,

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which the multiplayer gaming app cannot guarantee.


On March 20th, 2021, the Finger on the App 2 will begin.

Finger on the App 2

If you wish to participate, be sure to have the app open and ready to go when the time comes.


Mr Beast has doubled the prize money from the previous game’s $25,000 to $100,000. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, a popular online multiplayer game, is also helping to support the event. It was meant to be chosen by a player poll, but Mr Beast merely handed out a reward to the final four participants. But this time around, it appears that the poll has been erased.

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