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Financial Expert Suspects Glazers in Sale of Manchester United of Massive Fraud

Given that they want to keep control of Old Trafford, Manchester United’s current owners, the Glazer family, are unable to provide their approval for a full takeover of the club.

The announcement that the Glazer family intended to sell Manchester United stunned the entire football community. As a result, the wealthiest individuals, companies, and sovereign funds from across the world took notice of the news and expressed an interest in placing a bid for the club.

It was reported earlier this month that United’s agents in the takeover process, the Rein Group, are planning to sell the company in its entirety by the beginning of the first quarter of the next year.

During his visit to Doha, United co-owner Avram Glazer is said to have met with investors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and according to a more recent story, the topic of United’s possible sale was discussed during these meetings.

It is believed that in addition to the owners from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Avram Glazer also engaged with investment firms from Dubai. Also included in this group were the owners from Qatar.

However, as United fans look to the future with renewed hope, it is possible that the Glazers will use the takeover process as a ploy to obtain outside funding while still maintaining control of the 20-time English champions. This would be the case despite the fact that United fans are looking to the future with renewed hope.

According to Football Insider, who cited an interview with monetary guru Dr. Dan Plumley, this is the case.

According to Plumley, “A partial sale is appealing since the main owners can continue to exercise influence over the business.”

They [the Glazers] keep complete control of the club, and they also receive new financial backing. The club’s expansion is made possible by financial support from a third party.

“However, they will forfeit their ownership stake in the club, which will hurt them in the long run when you start distributing dividends.”

Plumley adds that the Glazers’ reticence to invest in United over the years powerfully reveals their false aim to remain in control while someone else spends money. He says this is evidence of their intention to remain in power while someone else invests money.

Their terminology is nothing more than a risk reduction strategy for a more extensive plan. In addition to that, dividends will still be distributed regularly.

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