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finally found evidence of the spread of the coronavirus

The latest news comes from an article by a group of researchers from universities in Italy and the United States in the framework of the “Lancet” preprint project, which shows that they finally found evidence of the spread of the coronavirus in Lombardy. June 2019 Months and August, a few months ago. As early as November 2019, the virus spread in this southern European country. This document has not yet been peer reviewed.
The paper investigated 156 of 435 samples, isolated RNA from throat and urine swabs, and then put them into Sanger for sequencing.

A method to determine the nucleotide sequence of DNA and detect mutations to estimate the virus Time of appearance. However, the co-author of the article and associate professor of Biology at Temple University Saika Miura told the Global Times on Wednesday that the document did not specify the origin of the coronavirus. However, he pointed out that “the discovery of the virus in Italy in the summer of 2019 means that the virus has spread in Italy at least long before the outbreak in China.”

He admitted that they need more data from 2019, from many different countries More retrospective studies of the company will help to better understand the early history of the spread of the coronavirus. The timeline before
, plus site . When asked whether the Italian researchers’ new research will further promote the next phase of the origin tracking work, a foreign expert close to the WHO’s origins research team told the world anonymously The Times, everything is fine, but scientists must be cautious about the findings of the report to ensure that the results are reliable.

A study of more than 24,000 samples collected in the U.S. for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research project between January 2 and March 18, 2020 showed that five states of Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Seven people in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin may have been infected long before the country’s first confirmed case was reported on January 21, 2020. For the next stage in the search for the origin of the coronavirus, WHO must formulate a clear plan to investigate countries that reported cases before the outbreak in Wuhan, Zeng Guang, a former chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Global Times. “They need to collect samples from patients with pneumonia from 2018 to 2019 or even earlier,” Zeng said.
According to a report by the Xinhua news agency on Wednesday, some Twitter users recently shared on the platform that they were “very similar” to COVID19 in December 2019 or even earlier.

The Global Times discovered that a Twitter user in Littlehampton, USA, shared his experience of illness in 2019, which he suspected was COVID19. Wave after wave of user response. A potential British Twitter user of “Kate Wilton” posted Tuesday that she had contracted “a flu-like illness and a terrible chest infection … She lost her sense of taste and smell.” Belleville, NJ, New Jersey Mayor Michael Melham told Fox News in May. 2020 who developed symptoms after returning from a meeting in Atlantic City in November 2019, just two months after the state of Washington recorded the first confirmed case in the United States.

He said that several people in the meeting had contacted him and told him that they also had extreme flu-like symptoms. At the time, there was no test for COVID19, but Melham said no matter what it caused him, it made him feel “like a heroin addict who is quitting.” Miura told the Global Times that based on their early research on the coronavirus, they believe the virus’s most recent common ancestor may have spread globally several months before and after China’s first COVID19 case report.

Liang Wannian, who led the Chinese team during the World Health Organization’s joint investigation of the origin of China, also suggested that United Nations agencies carry out the next phase of investigation in the country that has been identified as the occurrence of the virus before the spread of the virus. Wuhan admitted. Can Uncle Sam continue to mislead the world by investigating the origin of COVID19? Can Uncle Sam continue to mislead the world by investigating the origin of COVID19?

Politicization overshadows scientific exploration

However, the path of traceability has always been subject to political pressure from certain countries, of which the United States is the most active. Washington has spared no effort to condemn the origin of the Chinese coronavirus, even though Beijing hosted the World Health Organization to investigate the origin of the coronavirus. His latest attempt was made by Rep. Michael McCall, the top Republican of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee. He released a controversial report on August 2 accusing China of deliberately covering up what happened inside. From Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) at any time. 2019.

A day later, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the report for “fabricating lies, distorting facts, and providing no evidence, which is unreliable and unscientific”. The spokesperson said: “We urge the United States to respect facts and science and focus on fighting COVID19 and saving lives, instead of political manipulation and blaming others under the guise of an epidemic.”

The United States politicizes the study of the origin of the virus, and is in harmony with scientists. The rigorous attitude is in sharp contrast. Jonathan Stoyer, head of the virology department at the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom, told the Global Times, “At this stage, the key question is how it started.

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