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Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection

Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection is the most comprehensive and complete home inspection service available in Washington State. ” EVERGROW” is a national firm that offers top-quality services at affordable prices for its consumers. They provide a wide variety of services to their clients with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Their services are designed to save you money and time while helping to ensure that your home is safe and healthy for generations to come. These highly trained and qualified inspectors cover every aspect of your home, from roof to floor.

High Quality

The Evergreen Home Inspection Company is committed to offering its clients the highest quality in-home inspection services and home inspection products. Every home inspector is fully trained to provide a comprehensive inspection to their clients. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The company utilizes a highly skilled staff of inspectors and professional home inspectors to offer these services. The team boasts over ten years of experience in the industry, which helps ensure that the work they do is top-notch.


Each customer who signs on with Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection knows that there are numerous benefits to choosing this particular company. One advantage is that their professionals are licensed and bonded. They commit to quality in every one of their home inspection sammamish that they provide and hold a no license fee policy. This ensures that their clients will receive the highest quality service available in Washington State. Furthermore, their state of the art facilities and equipment is well maintained and kept up to date at all times.

Nationwide Network

The company is committed to ensuring that its customers receive the best quality service in the shortest possible time. Therefore, they hire a staff of inspectors that have at least twenty years of experience between them. In addition to this, each inspector has been personally selected by the company to guarantee the thoroughness of each inspection that is performed. Furthermore, each inspector is backed by a nationwide network of real estate sales representatives, who will assist in questions or concerns that may arise throughout the real estate sale.

Background Investigation

Each of the inspectors who work for Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection must undergo a thorough background investigation. During this stage, they are thoroughly checked and verified for their suitability and competence to perform the tasks that need to be performed. In addition to this, all employees are scheduled for a complete medical and fingerprint check before being hired for their services. At the same time, each of these professionals is thoroughly debriefed regarding their personal history and background information.

Inspection Report

The next phase of the process requires a company representative to review each inspection report. This includes the video footage of the property and any other form of written documentation, including witness statements and binaural recordings of noises. Once the reviewer agrees with the findings of the real estate inspector, the individual’s employment contract is signed. At this point, the Wa date is reached, and the Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection is scheduled to begin.

Material &Video Footage

Once the Wa date reaches, the company will begin the actual process of the real estate sale. As soon as this process commences, all parties involved in the sale must agree on the closing date, which is generally two to four months before the actual closing date. Once the buyer and seller reach an agreement on the closing date, the Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection will begin. At this point, the home inspector will review all of the material and video footage that was documented during the initial inspections. If there are any areas of concern, they will be addressed before the contract is signed.

Last Word:

The final part of the Evergreen Energy Services & Ground Up Home Inspection is the visual inspection itself. At this point, the inspector will view all of the binaural recordings and any visual photos that the camera may have taken during the tour. At this point, the real estate sale is nearing completion and will conclude when the final bids have been submitted and accepted. At this time, the homeowner and seller will be notified of whether or not the home passed the inspection. If it did, then the house is yours!

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