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Is Eva Longoria Had Plastic Surgery? What’s Longoria’s View on Having Surgery?

When it comes to injectables, plastic surgery, and other aesthetic procedures, Hollywood is infamous for keeping things under wraps. While celebrities have the right to keep their cosmetic operations private, it’s always refreshing when a movie star or artist opens up about their work.

Eva Longoria, an actor, producer, and director, professes to be an open book to her over 10 million Instagram followers. The actress is preparing for her directorial debut with “Flamin’ Hot,” which includes a number of non-invasive treatments that she uses — and chooses to share on her own terms.

“It’s all about feeling good about yourself, and only you know what that entails,” she explains to the media. “I don’t believe anyone should be shamed into keeping anything a secret, nor should anyone be forced to reveal what they’re doing.”

‘I’m doing this, this, and this,’ you don’t have to say. On the other hand, if you are, there should not be any shame about it, such as, ‘Ugh, you do that?’ Each to their own.”

Longoria says she uses InMode’s face and body treatments as she prepares for a series of red-carpet appearances. “I use Evolve X because it [uses] radio frequency and it just always leaves my body tighter — you gotta see the results,” she explains. (The noninvasive therapy gadget targets fat and sculpts muscles using radio-frequency technology.)

“It was about waking up the collagen stimulation in my stomach and giving it that extra kick it needed.” It seemed like I performed a thousand crunches with Evolve X, which compresses your muscles. You may use the same procedure on your face. It truly transforms your skin.”

A year after the delivery of her son, Santiago, she began receiving this treatment. “I started working out; I was back on my routine, exercising, eating well, and sleeping well, and my stomach and skin were not as tight as I desired,” she explains. It was at that time that Longoria learned about it from a member of her mother’s group. ”

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

I thought, ‘Wow, this is such a wonderful life strategy,’ and I felt as though I’d never heard of it before. I was ecstatic that it came from a mother as opposed to a celebrity, indicating that not only wealthy people do this. Everyone was aware of this laser’s ability to stimulate collagen and tighten the epidermis. “How could I not have known about that?”

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Like many other personalities, she swears by the Morpheus8 procedure before major events. “It’s like the mother of all treatments because it combines radio frequency and micro-needling, and it really targets a deeper layer to remodel collagen,” she explains. “I truly feel more radiant after receiving this treatment. There is no disruption and there is no intrusion. It is a very fast process. You have a great deal of leisure to spare.”

Longoria also uses skin care products, particularly hyaluronic acid, to keep her skin looking young. “I live and die by hyaluronic acid with my Revitalift products from L’Oréal,” she explains. (Longoria is the brand’s ambassador.) “There’s this incredible Revitalift Serum ($33) for your eyes, and it has this amazing applicator, this little rollerball, and it just feels so delicious.”

Longoria, like other moms and busy people, prefers multifunctional products like the L’Oréal UV Defender UV Serum ($29), which protects from the sun while simultaneously addressing fine wrinkles. “I like things that can do more than one thing,” she explains.

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