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Eric Ten Hag Confirms Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Diego Dolota, and Fred Contract Extensions

Eric ten Hag has confirmed that four senior players’ contracts with Manchester United have been extended.

During an interview with MUTV that will be aired on Tuesday (via, the manager provided a response to a question regarding Diogo Dalot, Fred, Marcus Rashford, and Luke Shaw.

Each of the quartets had contracts that were set to expire in June, but those contracts also included an additional year of service that was optional for the club to use.

Ten Hag responded, “Yes, I am able to affirm that.”

“We are ecstatic because the club is making progress in the correct direction, and these guys are making a significant contribution to the team’s advancement in this direction.

We want to cultivate, we want to support, and we want these players to remain a part of our process.

“Because of this, we have arrived at these decisions, and I am confident that they are the correct ones.

“We want to construct a team for the future, for many years to come, and we believe that these players should be a part of it,” the coach said.

The club will be able to continue paying players at the previous rate for another year if it initiates a one-year extension so that negotiations on a new deal can take place in the meanwhile. In particular, Dalot and Rashford will try to negotiate big raises to the terms of their existing contracts. Initiating an extension for the purpose of discouraging interest from other teams is still another motivation to do so. It has been alleged that some members of Europe’s elite can see all four of the previously listed stars simultaneously.

There are whispers circulating that Barcelona is interested in acquiring Dalot and Shaw, while Paris Saint-Germain is rumoured to be interested in Rashford and Fred.

David de Gea is another one of the club’s stars, and he is currently in the same predicament with his contract; however, it appears that the club would rather not use his extension in conjunction with the others.

This is because his present contract stipulates an extravagant income of 375,000 pounds per week, which the club is apparently trying to cut during the ongoing negotiations on a new contract. The situation has come about as a result of this.

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