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Emily Ratajkowski Sparks Controversy After Her Appearance At The Harper’s Bazaar’s Icon Party

From the title, you should have a general idea of what we’re going to talk about today. You did read that correctly! Emily Ratajkowski caused a stir at Harper’s Bazaar’s Icon party when she wore a stylish but strangely bold dress. Even though it happened in 2016, people just can’t get over how she looked. At the moment, she is in the news because she has been seeing Harry Styles for two months.

Oh, really? Yes! Congratulations! Aren’t you glad this happened? Putting that aside, what people are talking about lately is Emily’s bold outfit, which we will talk about soon. It seems like the fights will never end.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known model who made her debut at New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs. After that, she worked with a lot of different brands, like Miu Miu, Versace, and a lot more. Emily has also been in several movies and TV shows, including Welcome Home, The American Meme, Lying and Stealing, Entourage, The Spoils Before Dying, Ziwe, etc.

Did you miss Emily Ratajkowski in the Love Somebody music video by Maroon 5? She also worked with Taio Cruz on his video, Fast Car, which came out in 2012. That was ten years ago.

When it comes to Emily Ratajkowski’s controversy, it started after, as was already said, she wore some strange clothes. Even though the dress was beautiful, it only had a few straps. What does it look like? Do you know? Here is what we know about Emily Ratajkowski’s dress that caused a lot of controversies.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Controversy Surrounding Her Bold Sequin Dress At The Party

Emily Ratajkowski caused a stir on social media, but she didn’t seem to regret it. She also stood up for herself and defended her choice to wear the dress. You must be even more interested now to find out about the outfit.

The dress was by Julien Macdonald, and Emily Ratajkowski wore it. Most people thought it was “very rude.” She said, “This is the dress that has caused the most trouble for me.”

Emily Ratajkowski

Well, most people, including some of her agents, thought the dress was “too sexy.” But the model disagreed. Why? Because the dress was said to have a sheer panel in the middle that couldn’t be seen in the photos that were posted online. She was in her 20s at the time.

The model Emily Ratajowski called the person who called her dress “vulgar” and “sexist.” Emily also said that people go to red-carpet events to get a lot of attention. So it seems like every celebrity’s job is to look a little bit different. Yes, that’s right! Don’t you think so? Then Emily did the same thing, and she said that she still liked how she looked in that black dress.

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Emily Ratajkowski didn’t care enough that it was criticized, even though she knew it would be. With only two straps, the gown’s deep, plunging neckline seemed too daring. When the model chose to wear the dress, she may not have known that it would cause so much trouble on the internet. In short, she had no idea.

One person said about the dress, “Why wear anything? Why not just get rid of it all?” In other words, the front of the dress covered her ni**les, so it wasn’t too revealing. Emily still thinks that the day she wore the dress, she looked great. She seems very sure of herself and how she looks. Also, it’s clear that she felt good in it, so she might wear it again.

We wish Emily Ratajkowski the best. The model chooses and goes for a bold fashion look for award shows and other events. She does well no matter what. What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski’s dress that has caused a lot of trouble?

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