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Who is Emily Hampshire’s Partner?

Need to know who Emily Hampshire’s boyfriend or girlfriend is? Yes, we’re talking about the actress from The Rig, who is making headlines right now because she brought a resume with many sides to SXSW. Putting this aside, for now, Emily’s love life seems more interesting and important.

The actress was once married, but the marriage didn’t last. We’ll talk about that later. But what is Emily doing now? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Emily Hampshire is in the business.

Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire is a versatile actress who has been known for a long time because of her role as Angelina in Boy Meets Girl. Emily is 44 years old.

She was born in 1979 in Montreal and is now 44 years old. Did you not see her supernatural thriller The Rig, which came out in 2022? She was Rose Mason, the main character.

Some of Emily Hampshire’s best-known books are The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, Self-Reliance, Republic of Doyle, Schitt’s Creek, 12 Monkeys, Chapelwaite, and many more. But which one is your favourite? When it comes to her personal life, Emily Hampshire was once married to Matthew Smith. He used to be a soccer player, in case you didn’t know.

The marriage didn’t work out. Later, she fell in love again, but that also didn’t last. The question now is what is going on in Emily’s life? Has someone stolen her heart? Here is what we know about Emily Hampshire’s boyfriend or girlfriend.


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Who is Emily Hampshire’s Partner?

When it comes to her love interest, Emily Hampshire’s partner might not be anyone right now. In other words, we can say that this actress from The Rig hasn’t dated anyone since March 2023.

Emily hasn’t been seen with anyone who could be her boyfriend or girlfriend in recent days. Also, there have been no rumours that Emily Hampshire is dating.

If you follow Emily on social media, you’ll see that most of her posts are made at the same time and talk about her acting career.

There is no proof that Emily is dating. Considering how busy she is, we shouldn’t expect Emily Hampshire to settle down soon. Also, we don’t know if she has kept her doors open for a casual if not serious, relationship right now.


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Past Relationship

When it comes to Emily Hampshire and Matthew Smith’s marriage, they legally split up in 2014. This means that they were married for eight years. That was a long story! So, when word got out that they were getting a divorce, no one at first believed it.

Emily started dating Teddy Geiger after a few years. In 2018, it was kind of. What is her name? Teddy is a well-known singer and songwriter, in case you didn’t know. Underage Thinking, Better Now, Body and Soul, Numb, Scream Drive Faster, and other songs are by her. Which of these do you like to listen to the most? Emily and Teddy served their engagement at the end of the same year. But the next year, they called it off.

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Emily Hampshire says that she is pansexual when asked about her sexuality. She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s proud of it.

That’s awesome! It shows what a brave person she is. Well, Emily seems to be having the best time of her life now that she is single and able to take care of herself. Happiness is more important than being in a relationship. All is well!


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We wish Emily Hampshire the best for the rest of her life. Make sure you’re following Emily on Instagram to get more information. On the other hand, Emily is still single, so we hope that she will soon meet the love of her life. But it doesn’t look like she’s sad about being single.

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