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Elon Musk Declared That if Apple and Google Ban Smartphones, He Would Develop His Own. Twitter

VTF?! To say that Twitter is going through a hard patch right now would be an understatement. But the situation may potentially deteriorate further. One terrifying possibility, albeit an improbable one, is that both Apple and Google would remove the app from their respective app stores as a direct reaction to the little content moderation available on the platform. In the event that the worst case scenario unfolds, the owner Elon Musk is prepared with an extreme solution: he will design an entirely new phone.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding verified accounts and the firing of half of the company’s employees, Twitter CEO and founder Elon Musk unblocked a number of accounts, including those belonging to Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Jordan Peterson; additional accounts will be unblocked this week. Additionally, he kept his vow to make Twitter a haven for free speech by instituting a more permissive approach to the filtering of information on the platform. In addition, rumours have stated that Musk wants to monetise pornographic content on Twitter while giving the platform the appearance of OnlyFans.

But what one individual considers to be their right to free speech, another may consider to be a toxic quagmire. The latter image is what frightened away advertisers, and as a result, some of them have stopped advertising on the platform ever since Musk came to power. There is also the possibility that the application might be removed from the app stores run by Google and Apple if the content that can be found on Twitter becomes even more offensive.

Conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler posed the question to Musk about whether or not he ought to release his own smartphone in order to avoid this possibly disastrous worst-case scenario. She questioned, “If a man can develop rockets that go to Mars, then a foolish little smartphone ought to be light, right?” Wheeler posed the question to his Twitter followers, asking if they would be interested in purchasing a device of this kind. Wheeler wrote that “half of the country would joyfully reject biassed, snooping on the iPhone and Android.” Just over 51% of the 130,161 people who participated in the survey voted in support of the proposition.

After that, Musk participated in the discussion himself. He sent a message to his friend through text that read, “I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that, but, yes, if there’s no other choice, I’ll manufacture an other phone.”

Is it possible that Twitter may one day be removed from app stores? This is not completely outside the realm of possibility, especially when it comes to Apple, whose security policies largely restrict programmes that contain “upsetting or offensive information.”

Which might be another warning flag for Twitter in the future. After Elon Musk’s criticism of the Cupertino fees, key Apple employee Phil Schiller recently cancelled his account on the platform. Musk had referred to the Cupertino payments as a “hidden 30 percent tax on the internet.”

It is safe to assume that the richest person in the world does not have the resources necessary to develop his or her own smartphone. However, developing a viable alternative to Android and Apple that appeals to the masses is not an easy task. This is the case regardless of the number of people who use mobile devices and enjoy Twitter or despise government surveillance.

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