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Why ‘Elliot Page Before and After’ is in Trend?

Elliot Page was trending on Google this morning. The 34-year-old actor published a picture on Instagram happily donning swimming trunks for the first time, and although followers are sharing in his delight there is a disturbing narrative going on behind closed doors: people are Googling ‘Elliot Page before and after pictures’.

Why People Are Searching for – Before and After Elliot Page?

It was the same thing earlier this year. Page was Time magazine’s newest cover star, as well as the magazine’s first transgender cover star, speaking out to the press about his struggle with gender identification throughout his Hollywood career.

Elliot Page said in the fascinating interview that he was recovering from top surgery when he opted to come out on Instagram late last year, a revelation that made Google searches for the celebrity increasingly painful to behold. The terms ‘Elliot Page top surgery,’ ‘Elliot Page prior name,’ and ‘Elliot Page before and after’ were all popular.

It appears that whenever Elliot opens up about his body, his decision to undergo top surgery – which involves the surgical removal of breast tissue and reconstruction of the chest to produce a more masculine appearance – or simply posts a simple photo online, a flood of people search for images of Elliot Page before and after surgery, or the medical intervention he underwent as part of his transition.

It’s crucial to highlight that being transgender isn’t all about surgery; while some people may want to have it, others may not. Gender expression is as personal for trans persons as it is for cisgender people.

However, for many, surgery is out of reach or pricey, making it an immensely challenging component of managing gender identity both privately and publicly. With that in mind, everyone should remember that it is completely improper to question a trans person about their decision to have or not have surgery, or any other medical intervention for that matter.

The Viewpoint of Elliot Page on Transitioning

Three years after coming out, Elliot Page is discussing his “trans joy.” The “Umbrella Academy” actor and “Pageboy” author stated to People magazine that he “barely made it” throughout his coming out journey. Now, Page is reveling in being a trans man.

“It feels in a way that I never imagined I would be able to experience, and that primarily manifests in how present I feel, the ease I feel, and the capacity to exist. There have been times in my life when I felt as though I didn’t,” Page said.

Elliot Page Before and After

“Oftentimes, it is so much more in the peaceful moments. I believe we discuss ‘trans delight’ and exaltation. So much of it resides in the silence. For my shoulders to be back. I was always somewhat withdrawn and apprehensive. I never used to feel that my flesh was my own.”

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He added, “I realize I appear different to people who have known me in the past, but I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s that individual I’ve seen but never expected to actually meet.’ It sometimes takes me by surprise. The moment a companion snaps a photo and I catch sight of it, I feel a jolt of electricity coursing through my body. Because it is amusing — it is seeing something novel, but also something familiar.”

Catherine Keener, Alia Shawkat, and Kristen Wiig were attributed by Page with inspiring him to “go against the forces that were telling me that what I believed was not true.” The Oscar nominee for “Juno” discussed his privilege as a trans actor in comparison to other trans individuals around the world.

“In many respects, I feel like I barely made it,” Page said, adding, “My privilege does not represent the majority of trans lives. The reality is that transgender individuals are disproportionately unemployed and destitute. Black transwomen are being assassinated. People are losing access to medical services.”

Page concluded, “When young individuals approach me while I’m strolling down the street, it means the world to me. They had the courage to say, “This is who I am, and I’m going to live authentically.”

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